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Top 10 Best Gold Farms For Players in Guild Wars 2

In Guild Wars 2, gold is a precious resource that plays a pivotal role in obtaining equipment, fashion items, cute mountain skins, and progressing through the game. When you're saving up for that stunning armor set, chasing after rare collectibles, or striving for high achievements within your guild, gold is your go-to currency. This guide is designed to provide you with a comprehensive list of the top 10 best gold farms for players in Guild Wars 2, each complete with pros, cons, and estimated gold earnings.


Top 10 Best Gold Farms For Players in Guild Wars 2


Number 10: The Silverwastes 

In the Silverwastes, you'll cycle through four forts (red, indigo, blue, and amber) or the catchy name Rea. Your objective is to capture, defend, and upgrade these forts to reach the Champion and Vine Wrath boss fights. After defeating Vine Wrath, head to the Tangled Labyrinth to open Bandit Chests for additional loot. On an organized map, a commander usually digs up the chests for everyone to open with Bandit Keys.


Pros  Cons
  • Steady gold income.
  • Relatively easy to participate in.
  • Chest farming adds to the value.
  • Has been surpassed by newer gold farms.
  • Can become repetitive.
Gold Earnings: Approximately 20 gold per hour.


Number 9: Weekly Raids

Weekly raids in Guild Wars 2 provide valuable gold rewards for completing challenging content. While newer players might not earn much initially, experienced groups can clear raid wings in about 2 hours, yielding a substantial 50 gold per week. Focus on Heart of Thorns raid wings for optimal returns.


Pros  Cons
  • Rewards you for raiding content.
  • Can be fun and challenging.
  • Easier with experienced groups.
  • Limited to once a week.
  • Requires raid experience.
Gold Earnings:  Around 25 gold per hour for experienced raid groups.


Number 8: Drizzlewood Coast

In Drizzlewood Coast, two lanes progress through a war zone by capturing and upgrading bases. After the south part of the meta event, Champions spawn, and defeating them yields profitable chests. You'll also earn Char commendations, similar to a PvE reward track. The south lane is more lucrative, providing approximately 27 gold per hour.


Pros  Cons
  • Similar to the Silverwastes but more enjoyable.
  • High gold earnings.
  • Two lanes and Champion chests.
  • North lane may be less profitable.
Gold Earnings:  About 27 gold per hour for the south lane, slightly less for the north lane.


Number 7: Dragonfall

Dragonfall features events around the map that progress camps to higher tiers. After reaching Tier 4 in all camps, you'll face powerful boss fights. Following the boss battles, participate in a Champion run and open chests using keys obtained from events. Additionally, use Volatile Magic to buy trophy shipments for valuable materials.


Pros  Cons
  • Rewarding events and Champion runs.
  • Volatile Magic can be converted into valuable materials.
  • Engaging meta events.
  • Requires a bit of time investment.
Gold Earnings:  Around 30 gold per hour, assuming you complete the events and Champion runs


Number 6: Dragonstorm

Dragonstorm is a fast-paced daily meta event that involves defeating bosses and completing objectives. It takes about 15 minutes and rewards you with approximately 7.5 gold. You can join public instances or form private groups for even faster clears.


Pros  Cons
  • Quick and efficient daily meta event.
  • Low effort required.
  • Can be done once a day.
  • Limited to once a day.
Gold Earnings:  Approximately 30 gold per hour if done daily.


Number 5: Strike Missions

Strike missions involve standalone boss encounters, making them easier than raids. Icebrood Saga strikes offer daily rewards, while End of Dragons and Secrets of the Ancients strikes provide weekly rewards. You can choose to do the dailies or run through all the weekly strikes for a significant gold income.


Pros  Cons
  • Standalone boss fights, easier than raids.
  • Daily and weekly rewards.
  • A variety of strike missions to choose from.
  • Limited weekly rewards.
  • Challenge modes can be time-consuming.
Gold Earnings:  Varies but can range from 9 to 35 gold per hour depending on your choice of strikes.


Number 4: Rifts Farming

Rifts farming involves opening rifts, defeating enemies, and closing rifts. It's essential to collect Essence, used for crafting End of Dragons precursor weapons and legendaries. Additionally, you can craft and sell motivation items using Essences for a profit. Weekly Rift achievements can boost your earnings significantly.


Pros  Cons
  • A new gold farm introduced in the latest expansion.
  • Offers crafting materials and potential for profit.
  • Weekly Rift achievements add extra value.
  • Involves crafting and material buying.
  • Profit may fluctuate over time.
Gold Earnings:  Up to 40 gold per hour if you complete the weekly Rift achievements.


Number 3: End of Dragons Metas

End of Dragons meta events occur every 2 hours on a timer and offer substantial daily rewards. Imperial Favor, a unique currency, can be converted into gold by crafting End of Dragons precursor weapons and selling them on the trading post. Dragon End is particularly profitable, offering around 50 gold per hour.


Pros  Cons
  • Daily meta events with valuable rewards.
  • Imperial Favor can be converted into gold.
  • Engaging and rewarding content.
  • Time-restricted to specific events.
Gold Earnings:  Depending on the meta event, you can expect between 15 to 50 gold per hour.


Number 2: Core Tyria Fishing

Fishing in Core Tyria during the day, especially in locations like Crystal Oasis and Southeastern Corner of Caledon Forest, can yield valuable legendary fish. You'll need to maximize your fishing power, maintain a 100-fishing streak, and use appropriate fishing foods for optimal results.


Pros  Cons
  • Relaxing and low-effort gold farm.
  • Profitable legendary fish catches.
  • Ideal for multitasking.
  • Limited to specific time periods (daylight).
  • Relies on RNG.
Gold Earnings:  Up to 32 gold per hour, with some RNG involved.


Number 1: Tier 4 Fractals

Tier 4 fractals are a series of mini-dungeons that offer substantial daily rewards. Completing the daily fractals can yield around 55 gold per hour, making it the most profitable gw2 gold farm. You can also opt for challenge modes for even more gold, although they are more challenging.


Pros  Cons
  • Exceptional gold income.
  • Fun and diverse content.
  • Quick and efficient daily runs.
  • Requires some experience and ascended gear.
  • Challenge modes can be time-consuming.
Gold Earnings:  Approximately 55 gold per hour for daily tier 4 fractals.



In Guild Wars 2, accumulating gold doesn't have to be a grind. By choosing the right gold farm method that suits your playstyle, you can enjoy both the journey and the destination. Experiment with different farms, invest time in building your character, and watch your wealth grow in Tyria. Happy gold farming, adventurers!

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