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Guild Wars 2 Skyscale Guide: How to quickly obtain this flying mount in SotO, 2023?

Are you eager to soar through the skies of Tyria on your very own Skyscale? In this guide, we'll unveil the secrets of acquiring the majestic Skyscale, a magnificent flying mount that will change the way you explore the vast landscapes of Tyria. We delve into the step-by-step process of obtaining your very own Skyscale through the innovative Secrets of the Obscure. From finding the elusive Skyscale egg to crafting the Skyscale saddle, we'll provide detailed instructions and helpful tips to ensure you're soaring through the skies of Tyria in no time. 



Guild Wars 2 Skyscale Guide: How to quickly obtain this flying mount in SotO, 2023?



Before embarking on your Skyscale journey, there are a few prerequisites you should be aware of:


  • Access to Guild Wars 2's Secrets of the Obscure content.
  • Acquiring the Flight Training Mastery in the Mastery system.
  • Patience and dedication.


Find the Abandoned Skyscale Egg

To start your journey towards obtaining a Skyscale, you need to find an Abandoned Skyscale Egg. These eggs can be found at various nest locations in Tyria. Here are some maps to help you locate these nests:


Region Nest Locations
Archipelago Multiple locations
Amnitas Various spots, including early locations


Search the nests one by one until you discover the elusive egg. Once you've found it, proceed to the next step.


Speak with Skyscale Trainer Dyanne

Take your newly acquired Skyscale Egg to Skyscale Trainer Dyanne at the Beacon of Ages. Diani is located west of the Waypoint. When you meet Diani, she will offer you three achievements, each of which contributes to the "A New Friend" achievement, your path to obtaining your Skyscale.


Egg Infusions

Before moving forward, you have the option to purchase the Egg Infusions from Dyanne if you'd rather not complete some of the associated achievements. Here are the Egg Infusions and their respective locations:


  • Skyscale of Water: Dive into the depths off the Cast of All Waypoint in Bloodtide Coast.
  • Skyscale of Fire: Brave the fiery inferno at the Great Imperial Smelter in the Black Citadel.
  • Skyscale of Ice: Venture into the frozen wastelands of Bitterfrost Frontier, or acquire it during the Claw of Jormag world boss fight.
  • Skyscale of Earth: Conquer the quicksand in Dry Top at the Prosperity Waypoint.
  • Skyscale of Air: Ascend to the top of the Hidden Garden jumping puzzle in Mount Maelstrom (or seek assistance through the Group Finder).
  • Skyscale of Life: Revive 20 allies, easily achieved during world boss events, especially Claw of Jormag.
  • Skyscale of Blood: Defeat 100 enemies around the Bloodhill camps in Gendarran Fields.


Complete these achievements at your own pace, or purchase the infusions if you prefer to save time.


Growing Comforts

Next up, you'll need to gather specific materials for Growing Comforts. Here's a list of these materials:


  • Skycale Treats: Acquire these from Diani using Charged Quartz, Ectos, and Bloodstone Dust.
  • Cryptus Skin: Defeat Cryptus to obtain this skin during Rifts.
  • Tasty Trail Ration: Drops from Jotens, located in Oceanfold Shear (Wayfarer Foothills).
  • Tasty Devourer Carapace: Drops from Devourers in the Northwest Plains of Ashford.
  • Tasty Chocolate Eggs: Defeat Shocks in the Tangled Depths (Heart of Thorns expansion) or the Skywatch Archipelago.
  • Tasty Moss-Covered Branch: Drops from Tree Ants in Gendarran Fields.
  • Tasty Worm Segment: Found in the cave under the frozen lake at Krennak's Homestead Waypoint (Wayfarer Foothills).
  • Tasty Ooze-Cured Meat: Drops from Oozes, especially in the cave in Northwest Gendarran Fields.
  • Forged Ankle Joint: Obtained from Forged enemies in the Skywatch Archipelago.
  • Bird Whistle: Purchased from Gortho, Son of Malik, near Gladefall Run (Iron Marches) for 2 gold.
  • Plush Quaggan: Purchased from Sven Edson in the Wizard's Tower for 10 gold.
  • Heavy-Duty Doliak Blanket: Purchased from Herder Liat near Bouldermouth Vale (Lornar's Pass) for 3 gold.


Once you have all these items, turn them in to Diani.


Skyscale Saddle

Now, it's time to craft the Skyscale Saddle. You'll need the following materials:


  • Provisioner Tokens: 29 in total, acquired from various sources in Tyria (see the guide for recommendations).
  • Pinch of Stardust: Obtained from events or metas in Amnitas.
  • Static Charge: Obtained from events in the Archipelago or its meta.
  • Essence of Despair: Acquired from closing Tier 1 Rifts.


Pro tip: Use Motivations to gather more Essence of Despair quickly during Rift hunting.


Purchase the following items from faction provisioners:


  • Stardust-Infused Leather
  • Mist-Infused Saddle Oil
  • Jade-Spun Silk Thread
  • Durable Saddle Hardware
  • Rich Maguuman Mahogany
  • Saddlebag of Holding
  • Delgramore Rivets
  • Garenhoff Weave Cloth
  • Alonian Sandpaper
  • Extra Sticky Tar


Once you have all the materials, return to Diani and complete the process.


Obtain Rising Spirits Mastery

If you haven't already, acquire the Rising Spirits Mastery to enhance your Skyscale's abilities. Pour your experience into this Mastery line and watch your Skyscale grow more powerful.



Obtaining the Skyscale in Guild Wars 2 through the Secrets of the Obscure offers a faster and more efficient way to explore the skies of Tyria. With dedication and careful planning, you can complete the necessary achievements, gather materials, and craft the Skyscale Saddle to unlock this majestic flying mount. Remember to invest in the Rising Spirits Mastery to maximize your Skyscale's potential. 

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