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Which Meta Events Yield the Most Gold Per Hour in Guild Wars 2?

Farming gold in Guild Wars 2 has evolved, and there are now numerous ways to generate substantial income without the grind of the past. In this guide, we will explore the best meta events (metas) that you can farm for gold. These metas offer diverse experiences and can yield anywhere from 20 to 50 gold per hour. We'll break down each meta event, explain how to maximize your gw2 gold income and provide tips for efficiency.


Which Meta Events Yield the Most Gold Per Hour in Guild Wars 2?



  • Meta-Event: Dragonfall resembles the mechanics of RIBA and CF in the Silverwastes. Head to Dragonfall and participate in events across three camps on the map. Completing these events will reward you with keys used to unlock highly rewarding chests after completing the meta-event and defeating Champions during the Champion train that follows. These keys cannot be purchased and are only earned from events.
  • Monetization: Apart from loot and unidentified gear, you can consume Mistborn motes for Volatile Magic, which can be used to purchase Trophy Shipments. These shipments yield Tier 6 materials, often guaranteeing profit. Expect to earn between 30 to 50 gold per hour in Dragonfall.


Drizzlewood Coast South

  • Meta-Event: Drizzlewood Coast South involves capturing objectives, defeating enemies, and taking back camps through events across the map and completing events rewards you with Cache Keys and War Supplies, which are used to purchase Cache Keys. After capturing all objectives, a final boss fight yields more chests.
  • Monetization: Sell the loot you acquire and use War Supplies to purchase Intel Documents, which can be sold on the trading post. Expect earnings of 20 to 40 gold per hour from Drizzlewood Coast South.


Great Hall and Palawadan

  • Meta-Events: There are two profitable metas here: Great Hall (GH) and Palawadan. Completing both yields 42 chests. GH rewards chests after sub-events and the final boss. Palawadan, a longer and more profitable meta, provides additional chests.
  • Monetization: Sell the loot and buy Trophy Shipments with Volatile Magic. Earnings range from 20 to 40 gold per hour.



  • Meta-Event: In Silverwastes, join a group promoting RIBA or CF in the group finder. Complete objectives and events to gain karma rewards and Bandit Skeleton Keys. Once the progress bar fills, the meta begins. Defeat the Vinewrath, participate in a Champion train, and open chests with the keys you've acquired.
  • Monetization: Sell the loot and use the keys to unlock chests. Expect to earn 20 to 30 gold per hour.


Seitung Province, New Kaineng City, Echovald, and Dragon's End

  • Meta-Events: Completing the meta-events in these regions (Bread Assault, Cannang Blackout, Gang War, and Battle for the Jade Sea) earns you Hero's Chests, with a focus on obtaining Ancient Ambergris or Jade Runestones.
  • Monetization: Use Imperial Favor, earned from events, to purchase Bounty Chests, craft legendary precursors, or sell items on the trading post. Earn 10 to 20 gold per meta.



  • Meta-Event: Access Dragonstorm daily from Eye of the North. Participate in the event to earn Liquid Gold and other materials, including Memories of Otter. Adding Twisted Mote yields extra gold.
  • Monetization: Crafting precursors with Memories of Otter is profitable. Expect to earn an additional 4 gold from Twisted Mote. A 15-minute daily event with good long-term returns.


Gyala Delves

  • Meta-Event: In Gyala Delves, complete events and defeat the final boss to unlock chests. Collect Jade Miner's Key Cards, either from events or vendors.
  • Monetization: Sell loot and use Key Cards to unlock chests. Anticipate 20 to 30 gold per hour.


Secrets of the Obscure

  • Meta-Events: Complete meta-events in maps from the expansion and earn Captured Lightning, Skywatch Archipelago, and Pouch of Stardust from Hero Chests.
  • Monetization: Craft weapon skins (Stormforged and Storm's Eye) to earn 10 to 15 gold per piece. Sell the loot. Earn 15 to 20 gold per day from each meta.


Heart of Thorns

  • Meta-Events: Participate in Octavine (Auric Basin) and Chak Gerent (Tangled Depths) meta-events. Collect Amalgamated Gemstones, Exalted Keys, and Vials of Chak Acid from daily Hero Chests.
  • Monetization: Use keys to unlock chests in Tarir (Auric Basin) and open Crystallized Supply Caches (Tangled Depths) for profit. Expect 8 to 10 gold per day from each meta.



While there are many other profitable metas in Guild Wars 2, these methods offer consistent income and can be completed multiple times a day. Customize your gold farming approach based on your available time and expansion access for the most efficient results. Remember to stay updated with game changes, as the gold-per-hour rates may vary over time. 

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