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What Are the Best Ways to Convert Karma into Gold in Guild Wars 2, 2023?

If you're an experienced Guild Wars 2 player, you have accumulated a substantial amount of Karma over time. But what can you do with all that Karma? In this guide, we'll explore eight ways to convert 3 million Karma into 200 gold efficiently. Keep in mind that it's wise to save some Karma for future needs like legendaries, exotics, and ascended gear.



What Are the Best Ways to Convert Karma into Gold in Guild Wars 2, 2023?


Mystic Forge Magic

One of the most straightforward ways to convert Karma into gw2 gold is by utilizing the Mystic Forge. Purchase four pieces of equipment from different renowned heart vendors using your Karma, then salvage the resulting item and sell the materials. If you have a Mystic Forge conduit or access to the Thousand Seas Pavilion pass, it will save you both time and silver. On average, you can earn about 4.5 gold for every 100,000 Karma spent.


Daily Pack Supply Network Agents

This method may take time to be apparent, but it can yield substantial rewards. You'll need to visit six different maps daily and buy specific items from merchants. These items will cost you 30,000 Karma per day. To maximize this method, make sure you have an expansion and the Supply Line Management Mastery unlocked.


Use the Pact Supply Network Agent page to find the location codes of the merchants and teleport to them. Acquire six mapping materials daily, which you can save or use to unlock rewards from maps that rotate every eight weeks. Research which maps are currently profitable using resources like the map bonus reward/profit guide.


Antique Summoning Stones

If you have the End of Dragons expansion and plan on crafting something other than Generation 3 legendaries, consider buying antique summoning stones from Levias in Arborstone. You can purchase five of them weekly for Karma, and they can be sold directly on the trading post for a decent amount of gold. Weigh the pros and cons of crafting a Generation 3 legendary, as it can also be a lucrative investment.


Trade Caches

In Path of Fire expansion areas, spend your Karma and spare trade contracts on trade caches available from renowned heart vendors throughout the Crystal Desert. Each cache costs 630 Karma and 50 trade contracts, providing specific types of materials. To maximize profits, check Guild Wars 2 Efficiency for updates on the most profitable caches.


Beaded Weapons

Head to a renowned heart vendor in a specific location to buy 75 sunbeads for a particular weapon. Nearby, you'll find crafting stations where you can create the weapon. If the area is contested, complete the event to access the stations. Always check Guild Wars 2 Efficiency to identify the most profitable weapon to craft before investing in your Karma.


Winter's Day Material Bags

During the Winter's Day Festival, you can spend Karma on material bags. Many players save their Karma for this event, as it can be a wise investment. Consider holding onto the materials you obtain from these bags for a month or two after Winter's Day ends, as supply may increase during that time. Be sure to monitor the market prices, as sometimes the gifts or bags can be more valuable than the materials you obtain.


Lost Korean Jewelry Boxes

Travel to Cursed Shore and purchase Lost Korean Jewelry Boxes, each costing 4,550 Karma. These boxes can return between 30% to 50% of their value in liquid Karma, providing you with a steady income stream while potentially obtaining obsidian shards for legendary crafting.


Karmic Converter

If you're lucky enough to possess a Karmic Converter, remember to use it regularly. While the rewards can be hit or miss, it's still a valuable tool for converting Karma into various items. However, if you still need to get the converter, it's usually not worth buying the remaining exotic pieces needed to unlock it, as the return on investment can be quite slow.



By following these eight methods, you can efficiently convert your Karma into gold in Guild Wars 2. Remember to keep an eye on market trends, maximize your resource management, and enjoy the journey as you turn your Karma into valuable treasures. If you found this guide helpful, consider subscribing for more Guild Wars 2 tips and content. Good luck, and may your adventures in Tyria be profitable!

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