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Guild Wars 2 Split Surge Mirage Builds: Fun and Versatile Mesmer Experence

Are you tired of the same old Mesmer builds in Guild Wars 2? Looking for a fresh and exciting way to play in the open world PvE environment? Look no further! In this guide, we'll introduce you to the Split Surge Mirage build, which combines the power of the Greatsword with the versatility of the Dagger to create a dynamic and enjoyable Mesmer experience, focusing on maximizing your damage potential and maintaining an engaging playstyle.



Guild Wars 2 Split Surge Mirage Builds: Fun and Versatile Mesmer Experence


Why Dagger on Mirage?

The inclusion of the dagger in the Mirage build is a game-changer. Not only does it provide a new Ambush skill, but it also offers a ranged power weapon option for Mesmers. This is particularly advantageous for dealing with single targets, making it an excellent addition to the Split Surge Mirage build. While the build typically relies on a Greatsword and Sword, the added mobility and dazes aren't always necessary, especially when the dagger can provide both range and dazes.



Before we get into the specifics of the build, it's important to note that this is primarily designed for open world PvE content. It's all about having fun while being versatile enough to handle various situations, including solo exploration, meta events, and story content. If you're looking for the most optimal build for raiding or specialized roles, consider checking out dedicated raid builds on websites like



For gear, we recommend a mix of Marauder trinkets and Berserker armor. This combination strikes a balance between damage output and survivability. While the build relies on dodging to avoid damage, having some Vitality from Marauder trinkets can make it less punishing if you do get hit. However, maximizing your damage output remains a priority, as the goal is to avoid taking damage altogether by using Distortion and Dodges effectively.


Runes and Sigils

  • Rune of Surging: This rune provides much-needed movement speed for Mirages, as there aren't many other swiftness options available. Additionally, the increased boon duration helps maintain Fury and Might uptime, which significantly boosts your damage.
  • Greatsword Sigils: Use a Sigil of Energy for extra Dodges, which not only enhances your survivability but also increases the number of Ambushes you can perform. You can also consider using a Sigil of Bloodlust for added damage.
  • Dagger and Sword Sigils: Equip Sigils of Energy and Solarity for quickness when disabling enemies. With the numerous disables in this build, you'll have excellent quickness uptime. These sigils synergize well with the build's playstyle.



Opt for the Bowl of Orian Truffle and Meat Stew. This food enhances your Dodge availability, resulting in more frequent Ambushes and increased damage output.



Let's delve into the trait choices for this build:


Dueling and Domination (Dueling III, Domination III)

  • Phantasmal Fury: This trait boosts your critical chance with Phantasms, making them hit harder.
  • Fencer's Finesse: It grants you a ferocity buff whenever your sword attacks hit. While you only have an offhand sword in your dagger/sword set, it still outperforms other trait options in most cases.
  • Deceptive Evasion: In open world PvE, this trait is more effective than Superiority Complex. It allows you to quickly generate clones when swapping targets, ensuring your burst damage remains high. Plus, clones help tank and divert enemy attention.


Domination (Domination VII)
  • Bountiful Blades: This trait increases your Greatsword's damage whenever you disable an enemy. Given that the Dagger Ambush skill inflicts dazes, reaching 25 stacks of vulnerability on a target is easy, resulting in significantly higher damage.
  • Furious Interruption: You gain quickness when interrupting a foe. This build has numerous daze skills that occasionally trigger interrupts, leading to excellent quickness uptime.
  • Vicious Expression: This trait removes boons from targets whenever you disable them. With the build's many CC abilities, removing boons from enemies becomes effortless, resulting in higher damage output.


Mirage (Mirage III, Mirage VIII)

  • Renewing Oasis: This trait adds some sustain to the build, which is crucial since it's relatively squishy. It helps you survive longer during encounters.
  • Mirage Mantle: This enhances your Greatsword Ambush skill's damage by 25% and makes your Dagger Ambush apply more vulnerability. While you already have enough vulnerability, the boost to Greatsword damage makes it a top choice.
  • Infinite Horizon: This is the core trait of the build. When you dodge or gain Mirage Cloak, your clones will perform their ambush skills. This leads to a significant increase in damage output, especially in AoE situations.


How to Play the Split Surge Mirage Build?

The gameplay of this build revolves around generating clones and maximizing Ambush skills. Here's a breakdown of the playstyle:

  • Use clone-generating abilities, such as Sword 5 and Dagger 2, to create clones.
  • Dodge to gain Mirage Cloak. This grants you additional dodges and triggers Ambush skills.
  • Spam your auto-attack (skill 1) as long as you have three clones active.
  • Use F1 to shatter your clones for burst damage. Try to do this just before generating more clones.
  • Use illusionary Ambush for extra dodges and Ambush skills when needed.
  • Utilize your utility skills, such as Blink for stun breaks and mobility or Sand through Glass for Mirage Mirrors, to create additional ambush opportunities.
  • Switch between your Greatsword and Dagger/Sword sets based on the situation. Greatsword is excellent for AoE encounters, while the Dagger and Sword combo excels against single targets.
  • Remember to maintain your dodging and clone generation loop for sustained damage and survivability.
  • Consider using Mimic for extra Dodges or utility skills, providing even more Ambush opportunities.



The Split Surge Mirage build for open world PvE in Guild Wars 2 offers an engaging and dynamic playstyle that excels in both single-target and AoE situations. While it may require practice to master, the combination of dodges, clones, and Ambush skills makes it a fun and versatile choice for a variety of PvE content. Remember that this build is designed for enjoyment and adaptability, so feel free to experiment and make it your own. Happy adventuring!

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