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Is Salvage-o-Matic worth the investment in Guild Wars 2?

The Salvage-o-Matic is a trio of convenience items available in Guild Wars 2 that allow players to easily salvage items and recover rare materials. While they may seem like a great deal, it's essential to understand how they work and whether they are truly worth the investment. In this guide, we will break down the mechanics, costs, and use cases of the Salvage-o-Matic to help you make an informed decision.



Is Salvage-o-Matic worth the investment in Guild Wars 2?


Salvage-o-Matic Overview

All 3 Salvage-o-Matic serve the same primary purpose – Salvaging Items. However, their differences lie in the chances of recovering rarer materials and salvaging upgrades from gear. Here's a breakdown of what they do:

  • Salvaging Rarer Materials: All three Salvage-o-Matic offer a chance to recover rare materials, such as Globs of Ectoplasm.
  • Salvaging Upgrades: This is where confusion often arises. When you salvage upgrades, like runes, sigils, or gemstones from your armor, the Salvage-o-Matic destroy them, giving you their base components in return. You will always get back Lucent Motes for runes and sigils, with a small chance of getting charms or symbols as well.
  • Gemstones in Trinkets: If you salvage a trinket with a gemstone, the gemstone should be recovered to your inventory since gemstones cannot be salvaged into base materials.


Now that we've clarified their functions, let's explore the differences between the 3 Salvage-o-Matic:

Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic Silver-Fed Salvage-o-Matic Runecrafter's Salvage-o-Matic
  • 10% chance of returning rarer materials.
  • 20% chance of salvaging upgrades.
  • Costs 3 copper per use.
  • Typically priced at 800 gems but often on sale.
  • 25% chance of rarer materials.
  • 80% chance of salvaging upgrades.
  • Costs 60 copper per use.
  • Usually priced at 500 gems but may be on sale.
  • 20% chance of returning rare materials.
  • 100% chance of salvaging upgrades.
  • Costs 30 copper per use.
  • Typically priced at 600 gems but may be on sale.


Use Cases for Each Salvage-o-Matic

To determine when to use each Salvage-o-Matic, consider the following guidelines:


This is because level 68 and above rares are known as ecto-producing items, making the 25% chance of the Silver-Fed more desirable than the 10% chance of the Copper-Fed for acquiring Globs of Ectoplasm.


Is It Worth the Investment?

The question of whether the Salvage-o-Matic are worth the investment ultimately depends on your playstyle and preferences. If you prioritize convenience, they can be a game-changer. However, if you're strictly looking for GW2 gold return on your investment, the argument is less convincing.


From a pure cost perspective, it would take an exceptionally high number of uses to recoup the equivalent gold value of these items. For instance, using the Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic, it was estimated that you would need to salvage over 5 million times before it becomes cheaper than using a basic Salvage kit. Similar calculations apply to the Silver-Fed and Mystic Salvage kits.


It's important to note that these estimates were made based on older exchange rates for gold to gems, and the current exchange rates in the Gem Store are much higher.



In the end, the decision to purchase the Salvage-o-Matic comes down to personal preference. They offer convenience and ease of use, but it's unlikely that you'll recoup your gold investment through their use. Whether you decide to buy them or not, the most crucial factor is how they enhance your gameplay experience and make your time in Guild Wars 2 more enjoyable.

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