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What Changes and Challenges Does the Season of Discovery Bring to Classic WoW?

Announced at BlizzCon 2023 and set to launch on November 30th, Season of Discovery introduces a multitude of new abilities and game-changing features. While it may not be a true Classic Plus launch due to its seasonal nature, it represents a significant stride towards the future of Classic WoW. In this guide, we will delve into the details of this exciting new season and explore the potential it holds for Classic WoW enthusiasts.



What Changes and Challenges Does the Season of Discovery Bring to Classic WoW?


The Classic Plus Approach

The Season of Discovery marks a bold step towards the future of Classic WoW. While it isn't a full-fledged Classic Plus launch due to its seasonal nature, it represents a significant shift in the approach to the classic game.


Seasonal servers in World of Warcraft should be about more than just minor tweaks – they should focus on overhauling the game, introducing new features, and allowing players to explore fresh content. This season aims to experiment, take risks, and gauge player reactions, making it an exciting opportunity for the community.


The Mechanics of Season of Discovery

The Season of Discovery will introduce a range of new features and abilities into the game, some of which are inspired by later expansions, while others are entirely new. The key feature of this season is Rune Engravings, which will drastically change the way players approach their characters.

  • Rune Engravings: These are special abilities that players can acquire as they progress in the game. They come in three slots – chest, legs, and gloves – with each class having access to four to five known runes per slot. Blizzard has mentioned that there are over 100 runes in total, and more may be added as the season progresses. Players can freely swap these runes, similar to how you apply glyphs in Cataclysm.
  • Class Changes: Season of Discovery will bring about substantial class changes. Some classes will gain abilities typically found in later expansions, while others will receive entirely new skills. For example, Druids can access Wind Fury, Warlocks will have Metamorphosis as a tanking stance, and classes like Rogues, Shamans, and Paladins will have enhanced tanking capabilities.
  • Speculation on Respec Costs and Dual Specialization: While Blizzard has not confirmed it, there is speculation about potential reductions in respec costs and the introduction of dual specialization to align with the season's theme.


Season of Discovery Pros & Cons

  • + New Gameplay Dynamics: The introduction of a Rune-based Talent system, progressive level caps, and new abilities promises to create unique metas and gameplay strategies that have never been seen before in WoW's history.
  • Class Revitalization: Historically underpowered or 'meme' specs, such as Boomkins, Retribution Paladins, and Shadow Priests, may find new viability, offering players a chance to explore different playstyles.
  • Fresh Content: The transformation of Blackfathom Deeps into a 10-man raid and the addition of new world PvP content provide new challenges and experiences for players.
  • Future Content Possibilities: Blizzard's commitment to the Season of Discovery's success could lead to further content development for Classic WoW, including potential new raids like Scarlet Crusade and Kazan Crypts.
  • - Deviation from Vanilla: The introduction of unconventional class roles such as Rogue tanks and Mage healers may alienate players who prefer the traditional Vanilla WoW experience.
  • - Content Longevity: There is a concern that the novelty of the new content may wear off quickly, leading to a lack of long-term engagement and potentially causing server populations to dwindle.
  • - Developer Resource Allocation: The time and resources spent on developing content with a potentially short lifespan could be seen as a misallocation, raising questions about the sustainability of such updates.
  • - Implications for Classic Plus: If the Season of Discovery does not meet community expectations, it could negatively impact the prospects for future Classic Plus content development.


The Mystery of Rune Engravings

One of the most intriguing aspects of Season of Discovery is the way Rune Engravings will be introduced. These abilities won't be handed to players on a silver platter. Instead, they will be scattered throughout the game world, hidden within dungeons, quest chains, or as rare drops. The system is reminiscent of the Allegian AR and hidden weapon appearances from later expansions, offering a mix of both easily obtainable and challenging-to-acquire runes.


Phase-Leveling Release

To keep the gameplay experience fresh and exciting, Season of Discovery will implement a phase-leveling release. Players will start at level 25, with no confirmed duration for each phase except for the initial one, which is expected to last between one to three months.


This approach will allow Blizzard to assess the pace of player progression and make adjustments as needed. With the lower-level brackets anticipated to be quicker, players will have a chance to explore the end game in different ways.


Early Phases and Content

In the early stages of Season of Discovery, players will be capped at level 25. During this phase, they will have the opportunity to explore the revamped Blackfathom Deeps, which will serve as the season's first raiding content. BFD will be a 10-player raid with updated mechanics, and it will introduce new drops for players to obtain. A new world buff is expected to be released at the end of BFD.


Season of Discovery Screenshot


Open World Event in Ashenvale

Another exciting addition is the open world event in Ashenvale, which blends PvP and PvE objectives, similar to Alterac Valley. It will reward players for both engaging in PvP and completing PvE objectives, with different tiers of rewards based on participation.


This event will also allow players to gain reputation with their Warsong Gulch faction. Warsong Gulch will feature two brackets, a 10 to 19 bracket and a 20 to 25 bracket. The PvP ranking system will also be enabled, although reaching rank 14 will require specific combat levels.


Class and Content Changes

Season of Discovery promises to introduce significant class updates and possibly new content. Blizzard hinted at images from later raid content, such as Alarm-o-Bot, Scarlet Monastery, and the Karazhan crypts. This suggests that new tier sets or bonuses tailored for the updated class roles may be on the horizon.


Concerns and Considerations

While Season of Discovery is undoubtedly an exciting prospect, it comes with certain concerns:

  • Faction Balance: Faction balance could be an issue, as Alliance is traditionally favored due to PvE performance. With the influx of players, this could create an imbalance that affects both PvE and PvP.
  • Faction-Specific Abilities: Some players are concerned that faction-specific abilities may lose their uniqueness if both factions have access to them. Blizzard's decision on whether to preserve these distinctions remains to be seen.
  • Inclusion of Future Expansion Abilities: The addition of abilities from later expansions is a point of contention. While some players may welcome them, others believe it could affect the balance and nostalgia of classic WoW.


Maintaining the Vanilla Experience

Despite the concerns, Blizzard is committed to keeping the challenging aspect of vanilla WoW intact. They plan to make enemies hit harder rather than just increasing their health values to ensure that the world remains a dangerous place.



The Season of Discovery represents an exciting leap forward for World of Warcraft Classic. With class updates, Rune Engravings, phased leveling, and new content, players can expect a fresh and dynamic experience. While concerns exist, Blizzard's approach and commitment to the classic experience are reassuring. The launch of Season of Discovery on November 30th promises to be an exhilarating adventure, bringing a renewed sense of excitement and exploration to the classic WoW community.

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