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What is Turtle WoW and How Does It Offer Classic Plus Experience?

WOW community has been buzzing with excitement over the concept of Classic Plus, a potential expansion to the classic game that offers new content and changes to the beloved original. While Blizzard is still contemplating the idea of Classic Plus, there is a server that already provides a taste of this experience: Turtle WoW. In this article, we'll delve into what Turtle WoW is all about and discuss the launch of a fresh PvP server, which could be a great way to explore a Classic Plus-like environment.



What is Turtle WoW and How Does It Offer Classic Plus Experience?


What is Turtle WoW?

Turtle WoW is a unique private World of Warcraft server that offers a classic experience with a twist. It takes the core gameplay of the original World of Warcraft and introduces various changes, including slight class modifications, new quests, dungeons, and raids, custom content, and more. The server's goal is to provide an alternative version of the classic game that retains the essence of Vanilla WoW while introducing refreshing features and content.


Key Features

Here are some key features of Turtle WoW that make it an intriguing option for players looking for something beyond the traditional Vanilla experience:

  • Class Changes: While Turtle WoW maintains the core classes and abilities of Vanilla WoW, it introduces slight class modifications to make gameplay more balanced and enjoyable.
  • New Zones: The server offers new quest hubs, dungeons, and even entirely new zones, like the Blood Elf city of Alalas and the jungle-themed Lapedis Islands. These zones provide players with new areas to explore and quest in.
  • Quests and Custom Content: Turtle WoW adds new quests, storylines, and custom content to expand the gameplay experience. This means that even if you are a seasoned Vanilla player, you'll find new adventures to embark on.
  • Arenas: Turtle WoW introduces a 3v3 Arena called the Blood Ring, offering players a taste of PvP competition that was not present in Vanilla WoW.
  • Custom Battlegrounds: The server includes custom Battlegrounds, such as Sunny Glade Valley, offering new gameplay experiences for both PvE and PvP players.
  • Increased Reputation Gains: Players can earn reputation faster in certain battlegrounds, providing more rewards for their efforts.
  • Differences in PvP Realms: The PvP realm in Turtle WoW introduces a variety of changes to make the PvP experience unique, such as no leveling challenges, no cross-faction interactions (including chat, grouping, and auction houses), and automatic faction balancing.


Fresh PvP Server Launch

For players who are excited about Classic Plus and want to experience a fresh start with balanced gameplay, Turtle WoW is launching a brand new PvP realm called Tellabeam on October 27th. This PvP realm includes the Blood Ring 3v3 Arena, new battlegrounds, and other features that set it apart from the PvE realms. It's a fantastic opportunity for players to jump into a new world where everyone begins on equal footing.


Why Turtle WoW is Worth Trying?

Here's why you might want to consider trying Turtle WoW:

  • Classic Plus Experience: Turtle WoW offers a glimpse into what a Classic Plus expansion could be like, with new content, class modifications, and custom zones.
  • Balanced PvP Environment: The launch of the Tellabeam PvP realm means that you can enjoy a fresh start in a balanced and competitive environment.
  • Unique Features: Turtle WoW's custom content, including new quests, dungeons, and raids, adds a layer of excitement and exploration to the classic experience.
  • Community: The server has a welcoming and friendly community, making it an enjoyable place to interact with other players.



While we await official news from Blizzard regarding Classic Plus, Turtle WoW provides a unique opportunity to explore a classic game with a twist. The launch of the Tellabeam PvP realm on October 27th is a fantastic chance to experience a fresh start in a balanced and competitive environment. Whether you're a fan of classic WoW or eager to see what Classic Plus could be like, Turtle WoW is worth checking out for its custom content and unique gameplay features. Dive into this alternative classic world and see if it's the right fit for you. Who knows, it might just be a glimpse of what Classic Plus could offer in the future!

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