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WOW Newest Woodcutting skill: Everything You Need To Know

Today, we're going to delve into the newest addition to World of Warcraft: Project Ascension, the Woodcutting skill. It's a fantastic feature that adds depth to the game and offers new possibilities for future content. In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about woodcutting, including how to get started, where to find resources, and the future plans for this skill



 WOW Newest Woodcutting skill: Everything You Need To Know


Starting Woodcutting on Project Ascension

To begin your woodcutting journey, you'll first need to obtain the Woodcutting skill. When creating a character on either the Alliance or Horde faction, you'll find an Artisan's book in the starting zone. Interact with the book to learn woodcutting skills. Additionally, you can visit the shop within the book to acquire a woodcutting axe. Although it's possible to woodcut without an axe, it's recommended to have one on hand for efficient gathering.


How Woodcutting Works

Once you've acquired the skill, you'll notice tiny trees scattered throughout every zone. These trees can be cut down, providing you with logs suitable for the respective zone. Initially, you'll obtain green wood logs, which can then be refined into planks at a sawmill. The addition of these trees enhances the game world, making it feel more immersive and vibrant.


Similar to mining nodes or herbs, when you cut down a tree, it will disappear and respawn after a certain amount of time. As for sawmills, there are two known locations at the moment. Horde players can find a sawmill south of Orgrimmar in Durotar, while Alliance players can locate one at the Eastvale Logging Camp in Elwynn Forest. Alternatively, you can always seek assistance from guards in Orgrimmar or Stormwind to guide you to the nearest sawmill.


Future Plans for Woodcutting

Exciting developments await woodcutters in Project Ascension. The team behind the server has plans to introduce a Fletching profession and player housing. Fletching will allow players to craft bows, arrows, staves, relics, idols, toys, shields, and more. This addition brings a unique twist to the game, expanding on the vanilla experience. Player housing will provide a customizable living space where you can showcase your achievements and personalize your environment.


Current Uses of Woodcutting

Although there isn't a dedicated profession for woodcutting just yet, the developers encourage players to test the skill. They have incorporated daily quests on the call board that reward players with various items in exchange for logs. These rewards include 10,000 Marks of Ascension, which can be used to acquire heirlooms, cosmetics, and helpful items. Additionally, players can obtain call board caches containing max-level loot that can be equipped, sold, or vendors for gold.


The Artisan's Guild Hardcore Challenge

For those seeking an extra challenge, the woodcutting skill can be utilized in The Artisan's Guild challenge. This hardcore mode restricts levelling to professions only, allowing you to gain experience solely through your chosen profession. While combat is still allowed, experience gained from killing monsters or completing quests is negligible. Woodcutting proves to be a valuable profession for this challenge, providing substantial experience points. By gathering and processing logs into planks, you can efficiently progress through the challenge and explore the world in a unique way.


Woodcutting in Elwynn Forest

To begin your woodcutting journey, head to Elwynn Forest. The first milestone is to reach a woodcutting level of 75 out of 75, which should be quick. Goldshire is a great starting point, and you'll find your first tree, an Elwyn tree, just by clicking on it. Cutting down the tree will reward you with a Greenwood log and valuable experience points. Keep exploring the forest for more trees and experience gains.


Benefits of Woodcutting

Woodcutting offers various benefits for players. Firstly, it provides an excellent source of experience points, particularly if you're planning to take on The Artisans Challenge. The skill can be a significant contributor to levelling up quickly. Additionally, woodcutting allows you to gather materials such as green wood logs, which can be used in other professions like Fletching.


Future Plans: Fletching and Player Housing

The developers of Ascension have exciting plans for the woodcutting skill. One upcoming addition is the introduction of a Fletching skill, where players can create not only bows and arrows but also idols, relics, and toys. This creative expansion opens up new possibilities for customization and gameplay. Furthermore, the idea of player housing is being explored, which could involve a Construction-like skill similar to RuneScape. Players would have the ability to create furniture and decorate their homes, potentially even selling their creations at the auction house.


Benefits of Player Housing

Player housing offers numerous benefits, such as additional storage space, a personal hangout spot, and the potential for guild houses. It would provide a cosmetic aspect to the game, allowing players to express their creativity and create a unique space. Player housing could also serve as a hub for various activities, such as crafting, training dummies for combat practice, or displaying achievements and trophies.


Woodcutting as a Prerequisite

Woodcutting plays a crucial role in these upcoming features. As a prerequisite skill, it sets the foundation for Fletching and the construction of furniture for player housing. The addition of woodcutting adds depth and immersion to the game world, making it feel more alive and realistic.


The Custom WoW Scene: A Breakaway Civilization

The introduction of woodcutting on Ascension reflects the innovative and progressive nature of the custom WoW scene as a whole. Custom WoW servers like Ascension, Duskaven, AAW, and others have broken away from the original game, focusing on fixing its flaws while maintaining the integrity of World of Warcraft. Each server has its own unique philosophy and approach to customization, making the custom WoW experience diverse and exciting.



Woodcutting is a remarkable addition to World of Warcraft, bringing new opportunities and gameplay experiences to players on the Ascension server. With the upcoming Fletching profession and player housing, the future looks promising. The woodcutting skill enhances immersion and expands the customization options in the game, pushing Ascension to the forefront of the custom WoW scene. Embrace this new skill, venture into the forests, and embark on a woodcutting adventure like never before.

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