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WOW Gold Reserve: Farming Obsidian Cobraskin | Dragonflight Expansion

In this guide, we will explore a simple and lucrative farming method for acquiring the rare reagent, Obsidian Cobraskin, in World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion. This crafting reagent is highly sought after and can be sold for thousands of gold. With just a few easy steps, you can set up a new Dragonflight Skinner and start earning substantial profits. Whether you're a seasoned gold maker or someone with spare characters, this farming method is perfect for boosting your gold reserves.



WOW Gold Reserve: Farming Obsidian Cobraskin | Dragonflight Expansion


Why Obsidian Cobraskin Matters?

Obsidian Cobraskin is a valuable reagent due to its scarcity and high demand. As a Dragonflight Skinner, you have only one chance per day to obtain this item. It is used in crafting blacksmithing weapons and certain armour pieces in leatherworking. Additionally, upgrading these items requires an additional cobraskin, which further drives up its market value.


How to Obtain Obsidian Cobraskin?


Acquiring Dragonflight Skinning:

Start by picking up the Dragonflight Skinning profession. Visit the auction house to purchase basic skinning tools.


Leveling Skinning

Gain experience points in skinning by killing random mobs in the Dragon Isles. Aim to reach level 25 in skinning, which unlocks your first specialization.


Choosing Bait Crafter:

Upon reaching level 25, choose the Bait Crafter specialization. This choice is crucial for maximizing your chances of obtaining Obsidian Cobraskin.


Earning Knowledge Points:

Obtain 50 knowledge points to progress further. This can be achieved in several ways:

  • Visit the Artisanic Consortium Quartermaster in Valdran and purchase two out of three knowledge point notes using artisan metal. Each note provides 15 points.
  •  Travel to the Waking Shores and speak to the Master NPC. He will reward you with 10 knowledge points.
  • Visit Loam in the Zaralek Caverns and purchase the skinning note from the quartermaster using supplies instead of artisan metal. This note grants 10 points.


Specialization Allocation:

Allocate 10 points into Bait Crafter and distribute the remaining 40 points into Mastery.


Unlocking Elusive Creature Bait Recipe:

With your specialization in place, you will unlock a bait recipe for the elusive creature. Purchase baby meat from the auction house, craft the bait, and head to the specified coordinates.


Summoning the Elusive Magma Cobra:

Locate the lava pool within the Zaralek Cavern and use the bait near its edge. A message will appear in the chat, indicating the presence of an elusive magma cobra. Engage and defeat the cobra to proceed.


Skin and Repeat:

Once defeated, skin the elusive magma cobra to obtain the sought-after Obsidian Cobraskin. If luck is not on your side, you can repeat this process the following day. Place the cobraskin on the auction house to sell for a substantial profit.


Additional Information

  • This farming method can only be performed once a day per character, so attempting multiple runs will not yield additional results.
  • Remember to spawn the cobra yourself for a chance to obtain the cobraskin. Helping others kill their cobras will not grant you the reagent.
  • Market fluctuations may occur, especially after this guide gains popularity. Keep an eye on prices and consider holding onto the cobraskin for better selling opportunities, particularly on reset days when demand for the gear is high.



Farming Obsidian Cobraskin in Dragonflight is a straightforward and highly profitable endeavor. With a few simple steps, you can set up a Dragonflight Skinner and acquire this rare reagent in just 15 to 20 minutes. Whether you have spare characters or are looking for a new gold-making opportunity, this farm is well worth the investment. Remember to stay aware of market trends and adapt your selling strategy accordingly. Happy farming, and may your coffers overflow with gold!

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