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WOW Patch 10.2 Gearing Up Guide: M+ Raid, PvP & Open World

Season 3 of WoW Dragonflight has arrived, and with it comes exciting new opportunities for gearing up your character. As we embark on this new patch, it's crucial to understand the updated gearing systems. In this guide, we'll explore the revamped Crest Upgrade System, the addition of new tier sets, thrilling raid opportunities, and the evolution of Mythic+ dungeons. 



WOW Patch 10.2 Gearing Up Guide: M+ Raid, PvP & Open World


The Crest Upgrade System

In Season 3, the Crest Upgrade System is still in place, but it has received some improvements. The first notable change is that there are no longer fragments of crests; you'll now simply receive crests. This change streamlines the process and simplifies your inventory management.


WoW Patch 10.2 Season 3 Gear Uping


Crests are now a currency, so they won't take up bag space anymore. They still use the same naming system, but they've added a slight tweak. For example, you might encounter WOW Drake Streaming Crests IconDrake's Shadowflame Crest or WoW Wyrm's Shadowflame Crest IconWyrm's Shadowflame Crest. These new crests function exactly like the old ones.


The upgrade ranks remain consistent:

  • Explorer gear ranges from item level 415 to 437.
  • Adventurer gear spans from 428 to 450.
  • Veteran gear covers 441 to 463, which includes Mythic+ dungeons (levels 2 to 8) and LFR raid item level.
  • Champion gear goes from item level 454 to 476, suitable for Normal raid items and Mythic+ keys (levels 9 to 16).
  • Hero gear ranges from 477 to 489, ideal for Heroic raid gear and Mythic+ keys (levels 17 to 20).
  • Myth gear is available from item level 480 to 489 and is found in your weekly Vault if you've completed keys from +16 to +20 or in the Mythic raid.

WoW Patch 10.2 Item Level 415 - 489


A new feature allows you to downgrade and upgrade crests. Downgrading is rarely necessary, but upgrading can be useful. To unlock crest upgrading, you need to achieve the required item level in all your gear slots, earning achievements like WoW Dreaming of Drakes IconDreaming of Drakes. These achievements allow you to upgrade your crests, enhancing the flexibility of the system. To perform crest upgrades, visit the NPC named Vascan in the main encampment of the Emerald Dream.


Weekly Vault Improvements

For those who are not avid raiders or Mythic+ enthusiasts, Season 3 offers an alternative way to fill up your weekly Vault. You can now use Heroic, Mythic, or even Time Walking dungeons to stock your Vault with rewards. This feature provides a smoother introduction for players who are new to end-game content or don't typically engage in challenging activities.


New Tier Sets

With the arrival of Season 3 comes the introduction of new tier sets for each class. These tier sets are obtainable from the raid or your weekly Vault if you participate in Mythic+ or PvP content. Notably, the Revival Catalyst will be available from day one of the season, providing you with your first charge for week one. However, Blizzard has changed the rate of obtaining Revival Catalyst charges; they'll be granted every two weeks instead of every week.


WoW Raid and Gathering Items Tier


Dragonflight Raid

The Dragonflight raid follows a similar pattern to previous raids in the expansion. The deeper you venture into the raid, the tougher the bosses become, and the higher the item level loot they drop. The raid also includes some exceptionally rare items with unique effects.


Of particular interest is the legendary strength two-handed axe, Fyr'alath the Dream Render, which is highly anticipated by Warriors, Paladins, and Death Knights. While details on its effects remain a mystery, it is undoubtedly a coveted item. Achieving this legendary weapon will require significant effort, including quests and gathering specific items.


Mythic+ in Season 3

Mythic+ dungeons have seen changes in Season 3, particularly in the loot table and dungeon pool. The major difference is the introduction of a new upgrade rank, Rank 6, which requires more crests to upgrade gear. Additionally, the dungeons themselves have changed, offering different pools of loot. It's advisable to consult your class guide to determine which dungeons offer the most useful items for your class and spec.


A handy guide on Wowhead contains a list of all armor drops from every dungeon in Season 3, which can help you plan your dungeon runs effectively. Keep an eye out for unique items such as the weapons from the Dawn of the Infinite Dungeon, which have the added TimeStrike stat for bonus damage. This can be a game-changer for your class and spec.


PvP Gear Upgrade

For players interested in PvP, there's a significant change: you can now upgrade the PvE item level of your PvP gear using Flightstones. This eliminates the need to use Honor for upgrading your gear, giving you the opportunity to make the most of your Honor in other ways. Flight Stones can be obtained from various PvP activities, ensuring a steady supply for PvP enthusiasts.


Crafted Gear

Crafted gear remains relevant in Season 3, although it has experienced a slight nerf, resulting in lower item levels. While it may not be as desirable for all classes and specs, it's still an excellent way to acquire high item level gear, especially for filling slots where you've had bad luck obtaining items from raids or Mythic+ content.


Open World Gearing

If you primarily engage in open-world content, you'll be pleased to know that Season 3 has increased the rewards from outdoor activities. You can obtain Season 3-relevant item level gear from Farak Assaults, Dragon Bane Keep, world quests, Centaur hunts, Researchers Under Fire events, Time Rifts, Dream Surges, and all the repeatable quests and events in Dragonflight. This ensures that even if you don't venture into the raid or Mythic+ dungeons, you can still acquire decent gear from open-world activities.



In total, Patch 10.2, Season 3 of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, offers a variety of ways to gear up your character. Whether you prefer raiding, Mythic+, PvP, or open-world content, there are options available to meet your needs. Stay informed, plan your gear progression, and enjoy your adventures in Azeroth. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, and I'll do my best to assist you. Thank you for reading, and happy gaming!

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