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WoW Patch 10.1 Gear Guide: How to Fast and Efficient Get iLvl447 Tier & Beyond ASPA?

Dragonflight Patch 10.1 of World of Warcraft has just been released, and players are eager to gear up as fast as possible. In this guide, players will learn how to obtain iLvl447 gear, tier pieces, and more as quickly and efficiently as possible. The guide covers topics such as crest spending basics, massive caps, ideal breakpoints for obtaining gear, farming crests, the importance of aspect crests, spending wisely, massive crest savings, and crafting plans.


Players will find useful information on how to get the best gear and how to save on crest spending while upgrading their gear. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, this guide will help you achieve your goals in WoW Dragonfight Patch 10.1.



WoW Patch 10.1 Gear Guide: How to Fast and Efficient Get iLvl447 Tier & Beyond ASPA?


Crest Spending Basics

First, let's talk about crest spending. As a heroic raider who will be jumping into normal mode in week one and progressing through mythic plus fairly quickly, We will  be using Drake fragments quite often as they will be plentiful enough for me. However, We will be more conservative with our worm crests as We will want plenty of them when we upgrade my gear up to a heroic level.


We will use worm crests to upgrade good normal mode slots, including trinkets, Tier, and any very rare pieces that I'm lucky enough to get. Remember, in week one, your only source of worm fragments is going to be a mythic plus, so make them count.


The Massive Caps

The cap for crest fragments increases by 150 a week starting next week. Within a few weeks, the cap will be so high that it may be uncapped. Keep this in mind as you plan your crest spending.


Getting Gear: Ideal Breakpoints

Now let's talk about gear. Normal mode drops champion gear at iLvl415 for boss one, growing up to iLvl431 for boss nine. Drake crests will upgrade this gear to iLvl424, and worm crests will take it all the way up to iLvl437 for heroic mode. Heroic gear starts at iLvl428 and ends at iLvl444 with worm crests upgrading it to iLvl437 and then an aspect crest taking it to iLvl441. It's worth noting that iLvl441 is a bit lower than the iLvl444 drop from Sarcoreth, the last boss, but that's because Sarcoreth is a special boss with good loot.


Mythic Plus is also an excellent way to get gear. Farming worm crests, which is the roughly heroic mode, gets you end-of-run loot which is the roughly normal mode. The vault gear that you'll get from mythic plus is maxed out. For example, mythic plus 16 gets you iLvl441 gear in your Vault, which is the top of heroic. The world boss and the new dungeon quest are also easy gear sources, and doing them will get you a Drake crest and champion gear, which can be upgraded all the way up to iLvl437.


Farming Crests

In raid bosses, the final two bosses drop 15 crest fragments each, and the other bosses drop 10 each. In mythic plus, timed runs drop 12 crest fragments, while untimed runs drop five. A full raid clear will get you 100 crest fragments, and doing mythic plus 12 timed runs is what you'll need to hit the cap of 150. Doing your Farak assaults and your Zarallac Cavern content will also get you a few Drake crests.


Vital Aspect Crests

Aspect crests are important even if you are not doing Mythic raids at the moment. Completing a Mythic+16 dungeon will get you aspect crests that can upgrade your hero gear from 4 out of 5 to 5 out of 5. Additionally, aspect crests are used to craft the best gear in the game. The best gear requires four aspect crests, which means timing five keys at Mythic+16 or above.


Crafting these crests will provide you with iLvl447 gear, the best in the game. You can get one of these every two weeks. If you don't have that much heroic gear, you can convert extra aspect crests into worm ones to upgrade your normal gear's item level.


WoW Patch 10.1 Screenshot


Spend Cleverly

Upgrading a slot beyond the highest item level your character has got in that slot will only cost you crests. Therefore, upgrading immediately may sometimes be a mistake. Consider doing Mythic+ content before upgrading your raid gear. Your end-of-dungeon loot will be Champion 4 out of 8 gear, which will be higher than your early Normal mode drops, allowing you to save a bunch of crests when you upgrade them.


Massive Crest Savings

Maxing out your Vault is extremely strong, as it almost completes a gear slot for the duration of the patch. If you get a piece of 441 vault gear, the slot is just done because any other piece of gear you get in that slot can be rapidly upgraded using flight stones. Running Mythics+16 gets you 5 out of 5 hero gear in the Vault.


If you're a heroic raider, it means that slot is maxed out, and any raid loot that you can get can be quickly upgraded using flight stones. Upgrade non-biS items without fear, and when your best trinket does drop, you can upgrade it to the item level of your first trinket only at the cost of flight stones.


Crafting Plans

Crafting is a great way to get your best iLvl gear immediately. You can craft an iLvl 447 gear piece with an Enchanted Aspects Crest, which is made by an Enchantress and costs four Aspect Crests. To get these four Aspect Crests, you'll need to complete Mythic Raids and Mythic Plus Dungeons beyond Keystone level 16.


Timing is essential, and five keys at level 16 should be enough to get you those four crests. Once you have these crests, you can craft the best gear for your character. You can find the best gear to craft on class discords, class guides, or sites like Wowhead.


Tier Gear Improvements

Getting Tier gear is more accessible in Patch 10.1. You can get a piece of Tier gear by using an omni-token, which can be turned into any piece of Tier for anyone in the raid. This will help you get Tier Gear faster since it's a 100% drop-rate item. Your normal mode Tier gear is still valuable, even if you're progressing through Heroic because it can go up to iLvl 437.


Guaranteed Bit of Tier Gear

You can earn a Draconic Mark of Mastery by hitting Keystone Master, getting Ahead of the Curve on Heroic difficulty, or achieving a PvP rating of 1600. This mark of mastery gives you a token that you can trade-in for a piece of Heroic iLvl Tier gear. Getting this guaranteed piece of gear is essential, and it's achievable within the first week or two.



If you want to get the best gear quickly, mix dedicated Mythic Plus and raid gameplay. You can achieve an iLvl 441 on all slots with two pieces of crafted iLvl 447 gear by the end of the third week. If you need to clear Heroic more than others, you can aim for iLvl 437 with a few 447 crafted gear pieces and some 441 gear from the Vault.


Why I am Excited

Patch 10.1 makes every effort you make in-game super motivating. The upgrade system will keep you excited and motivated since you can upgrade any Heroic 4 out of 5 gear to Heroic 5 out of 5, making every drop that you get in the game even more exciting.



In conclusion, use this guide as a roadmap for getting iLvl447 gear, tier pieces, and more in Degen Patch 10.1. Remember to be conservative with your crest spending and to farm crests from various sources to maximize your chances of getting the best gear possible. 

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