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How to Streamline Your Experience in Dragonflight Patch 10.1 | World of Warcraft?

Patch 10.1 of your favourite game is finally here, and there's a lot of content for you to explore. However, before you dive in, it's important to prioritize your activities to avoid wasting your special currencies like flight stones, crests, and splintered sparks. In this guide, we'll help you streamline your experience by highlighting the most important quests and activities to focus on first.



How to Streamline Your Experience in Dragonflight Patch 10.1 | World of Warcraft?


The Story Quests

The first thing you should do when you log in is to start the story quests. When you first log in, you should get a quest called The Land Beneath. If you can't find it or can't pick it up, double-check your chapter progress for the current story. If you haven't completed the first chapter, A Crash Divided on any character, you will need to do that first. This first chapter was introduced with patch 10.0.7 and is required to start patch 10.1 story content.


How much do I need to do?

Patch 10.1 quest will take you through what we know of the primalist's plans and will track them down to a big old tunnel in the ground which leads us into the new zone for this patch, Zaralek Cavern. You can work through the first four chapters of the story, which unlock different things as you progress.


The Most Important Unlocks

Everyone will want to progress through the main storyline up until just after being introduced to the city hub of Loam by completing the first new chapter, which is actually the second chapter of the whole story, called Breaking Ground. You will unlock most of the important stuff in the new zone, including world quests, which you will want to unlock if you want to farm reputation with the Niffen, collect new Niften-specific currencies, or get some decent item-level gear.


Unlocking the world quest in Zaraleck Cavern is actually the last step of that chapter. So as soon as you do that, you know you're good with all this other stuff. You're also going to get a few quests in Loam that introduce you to the new upgrade system, which shows you how flight stones and crests work and how you can use them to upgrade gear. You also get a bunch of flight stones and crests for free when completing these quests. So everyone will want to get that done as well, if not for the free stuff, but to give you an idea of how that system works.


Weekly Quest

Perhaps the most important things you will unlock at this point are the weekly quest for the Niffen and the Spark of Shadowflame introduction quest. The weekly quest for the Niffen, "A Worthy Ally," rewards you with a box of goodies that includes gear, reputation, crests, WoW gold, dig maps, and splintered sparks of Shadowflame. So completing the story up until the point where you can actually unlock that weekly quest is also very important farming.


Your First Shadowflame Spark

The 1500 rep with the Niffen for the quest can take a while, but it depends on what activities you want to take part in. The Splintered Spark of Shadowflame introduction quest is important because it gives you a head start with your sparks. Typically, you can only get one splinter per week, but this intro quest gives you an extra splinter, which will give you two splinters total, allowing you to create your very first spark of Shadowflame more or less immediately.


Complete Important Quests 

The easiest way to complete these quests is by continuing through the story. At the end of the next chapter, you will get a big rep token that completes the weekly quest and provides your first splinter, which lets you turn in the splinter quest as well. Please pick up the weekly and splinter quests as soon as they become available to you so you don't miss out on the efficient completion methods.


Upgrade Your Gear

Take the first spark and get a piece of gear crafted or recrafted from season 1 to get a big upgrade. Season 2 crafted gear starts at item level 411 and goes up to 424. You can upgrade it even further using enchanted crests, all the way up to item level 447. However, you will be able to do that next week, so getting your sparks of Shadowflame is crucial if you want to gear up quickly and efficiently.


Continue the Story Content

You can complete up to the fourth chapter in the new story, The Ancient Bargain, but it only unlocks something super new and exciting right now. However, if you want renowned rewards, it's definitely worth it. Do all the stories so far, so you're ready to pick it up when new quests become available, which unlocks new things like the new dragon riding mount.


Collect Flight Stones

You can start collecting flight stones from almost any activity, including story quests. You can only hold 2,000 total, so going into next week with that cap already earned would be a good idea if you're holding onto flight stones to start upgrading your gear next week.


Gearing Up in Pre-Season

If you don't plan on raiding or running high-end mythic plus next week, you can start working on some gear upgrades right now. World quests drop various levels of explorer gear, which can be upgraded up to 398 using just flight stones. You can also kill rare monsters to get flight stones and fragments for Drake crests, which can upgrade gear up to item level 411.



Patch 10.1 of the game offers a lot of new content for players to explore, but it is essential to prioritize activities to avoid wasting valuable special currencies such as flight stones, crests, and splintered sparks. The guide suggests starting with the story quests and completing the first new chapter, "Breaking Ground," which unlocks important things in the new zone, including world quests. 


The guide also emphasizes completing the weekly quest for the Niffen and the Spark of Shadowflame introduction quest, which rewards players with a box of goodies that includes gear, reputation, crests, gold, dig maps, and splintered sparks of Shadowflame. Players should also take advantage of upgrading their gear and collecting flight stones while continuing the story content. Following these tips will help players streamline their experience and enjoy the patch 10.1 content efficiently.

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