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Top 5 Best Classes and Specs For Mythic+ Dungeons in WoW Dragonflight

With the introduction of Patch 10.2, also known as Dragonflight, some classes have risen to the top as safe picks for Mythic+ dungeons. Staying on top of the best classes and specs for Mythic+ dungeons is crucial for a successful gameplay experience. In this guide, we'll dive into the five safe classes, which not only excel in damage output but also bring valuable utility and tankiness to your group, making them great choices for pushing high-level Mythic+ keys.


Top 5 Best Classes and Specs For Mythic+ Dungeons in WoW Dragonflight


Top 1. Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter, and in particular the Havoc specialization, is a top choice for Mythic+ dungeons in Patch 10.2. Havoc Demon Hunters have recently been reworked and now boast the highest overall DPS among all classes. They excel in both AOE and cleave damage, and their single-target damage is impressive as well. Their short cooldowns, such as WoW Immolation Aura IconImmolation Aura and WoW Essence Break IconEssence Break, make them well-suited for Mythic+ dungeons. 


In addition, their tier set, Soulscar, enhances their sustained damage by providing CDR when using Glaive and extending dot duration, resulting in massive throughput. 


The Demon Hunter also brings valuable utility to the group, including a single-target stun, Chaos Nova for AOE control, Imprison for mob skipping, and Chaos Brand, which boosts magic damage in the group by 5%. With good defensives like WoW Blur IconBlur and WoW Netherwalk IconNetherwalk, Demon Hunters are an all-around strong pick for Mythic+.


Top 2. Rogue

Rogues, as a class, have always been a powerhouse in Mythic+ dungeons. In Patch 10.2, all three Rogue specializations (Outlaw, Subtlety, and Assassination) have received significant changes that make them even stronger. 


Outlaw Rogues provide excellent priority damage and cleave, making them ideal for dungeons with low mob density. Subtlety Rogues bring burst potential and shine in mass AOE situations, with their tier set allowing them to summon clones that deal extra damage. Assassination Rogues offer strong single-target damage and effective spread cleave, with their upcoming tier set further enhancing their priority damage. 


Rogues are known for their extensive utility, including crowd control abilities, single-target stuns, and an AOE interrupt. They also reduce the target's damage by 3% through WoW Atrophic Poison IconAtrophic Poison. With the added benefit of WoW Shroud IconShroud for path optimization and survivability, Rogues remain a safe pick for Mythic+.


Top 3. Druid

Druids, especially Balance and Feral specializations, are strong choices for Mythic+ dungeons in Patch 10.2. Balance Druids offer some of the best sustained AOE damage in the game and strong burst single-target damage with Star Surges. 


Feral Druids, on the other hand, maintain significant spread pressure and now receive a 20% damage boost from Feral Frenzy, addressing their previous single-target limitations. Both specializations provide invaluable utility, including Mark of the Wild for damage reduction, crowd control talents like WoW Incapacitating Roar IconIncapacitating Roar and WoW Typhoon IconTyphoon, and Nature's Vigil for off-healing. 


Druids are also fairly tanky, with Moonkin Form providing passive physical damage reduction, and Feral Druids having Survival Instincts for damage mitigation. Their well-rounded abilities make Druids a solid choice for Mythic+.


Top 4. Monk

Monks, specifically Mistweaver and Windwalker specializations, shine in Mythic+ dungeons in Patch 10.2. Mistweaver Monks provide exceptional healing and bring substantial utility to the group. They offer damage reduction through WoW Zen Meditation IconZen Meditation and WoW Stagger IconStagger, and their tier set allows for more Presence uptime, improving their overall performance. Windwalker Monks excel in providing strong AOE and priority damage, making them a valuable asset to the group.


With a variety of utility tools, such as AOE knock-ups, stuns, and damage reduction, Monks can greatly impact a group's success in Mythic+ dungeons. They also have access to a cheat death ability, making them more resilient in high-level keys.


Top 5. Mage

Mages have always been a safe pick for Mythic+ dungeons, and Patch 10.2 has made them even stronger. Mages offer a versatile choice with their three specializations: Fire, Arcane, and Frost.


Fire Mages benefit from their tier set, which enhances their combustion window for explosive damage. Arcane Mages gain huge burst potential with their tier set, enabling them to stack Clear Casting procs for cleaving Arcane Missiles. Frost Mages provide great sustained damage and improved cleave through their tier set. 


All Mage specializations bring utility to the group, including damage reduction with WoW Mass Barrier IconMass Barrier and path optimization with Shroud. They can also provide the valuable Arcane Intellect buff, increase the group's damage with Blood Lust, and excel in dealing with priority targets. Mages are known for their tankiness, with abilities like Mirror Image, Alter Time, and Ice Block, which can save them from tough situations in Mythic+ dungeons.


Honorable Mention: Hunter

Hunters, specifically Beast Mastery and Survival specializations, are looking strong in Patch 10.2. Beast Mastery Hunters excel in priority damage and AOE, while Survival Hunters shine in low-target cleave with massive Kill Shot cleave potential. Their tier sets enhance their priority damage, making them formidable in both AOE and single-target situations. 


Hunters bring unique utility to the group, including AOE knock-ups, stops, and damage reduction. Their abilities, such as Binding Shot and Scatter Shot, can be invaluable in certain scenarios, especially in PUGs. Additionally, Hunters have become more tanky with HP buffs and access to various defensive abilities, making them a reliable choice for Mythic+ dungeons.



Selecting the right class and specialization for Mythic+ dungeons in Patch 10.2 can significantly impact your group's success. While damage output is essential, the utility and tankiness a class brings to the group should not be overlooked. The five classes mentioned in this guide, along with the honorable mention of Hunters, offer a well-rounded package of damage, utility, and survivability, making them safe picks for the season. Ultimately, the best choice for you will depend on your playstyle and group composition, so choose the class that suits your preferences and embark on your Mythic+ adventures in Patch 10.2.

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