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WoW Season of Discovery Shaman Rune Engravings: New Spells and Abilities

Classic WoW Season of Discovery is right around the corner. Choosing the right class can be a daunting task, but we're here to help you make an informed decision. In this guide, we'll explore the Shaman class and delve into all the exciting spells and abilities that will be available to Shamans in the upcoming season. Whether you're looking to heal, tank, or deal damage, Shaman has something for everyone.



WoW Season of Discovery Shaman Rune Engravings: New Spells and Abilities


Chest Rune Engravings

Let's start by examining the Shaman's chest engravings, which contain some intriguing abilities:

New Runes Description
Healing Rain You might be familiar with Healing Rain, but it has a twist in Season of Discovery. This spell selects an area of 15 yards around the target player and heals all party members within that area for 20 health every second. This improved Healing Rain will make Shamans even more valuable in group scenarios.
Shield Mastery

Shield Mastery is a fantastic ability, especially for Shaman tanks. Each time you block, you regenerate Mana equal to 4% of your maximum Mana and gain armor equal to 30% of your Shield's armor value (stacking up to five times). Additionally, you always have a 10% increased chance to block and 15% increased block value. These features make Shamans a solid choice for tanking in Season of Discovery.

Dual Wield Specialization Dual Wield Specialization increases your chance to hit with both spells and melee attacks by 5% while dual-wielding. Also, your Storm Strike ability now hits with both weapons when dual-wielding. This ability adds versatility and excitement to playing a dual-wielding Shaman, making them a more appealing choice.
Overload The Overload talent gives your lightning bolt, chain lightning, chain heal, healing wave, and lava burst spells a 33% chance to cast a second similar spell on the same target at no additional cost. This secondary spell deals half the damage or healing without generating any threat. This ability can be a game-changer in various situations and can help you dish out extra damage or healing when needed.

Season of Discovery Shaman Chest New Rune Engravings


Leg Rune Engravings

Moving on to the leg engravings, we have more Shaman abilities to explore:

New Runes Description
Earth Shield Earth Shield protects the target with an earth and shield, reducing casting or channeling time lost when damaged by 30%. It also causes attacks to heal the shielded target for 100. Earth Shield has three charges and lasts for 10 minutes, but it can only be placed on one target at a time. Only one elemental shield can be active on a target at any given moment.
Way of Earth With Way of Earth, while Rockbiter Weapon is active on your main weapon, you deal 100% increased threat, gain 30% increased health, take 10% reduced damage, and have a 6% reduced chance to be critically hit by melee attacks. Additionally, your Earth Shock taunts the target to attack you. This makes Shaman an even more formidable tank, as they can generate significant threat and endure enemy attacks.
Shamanistic Rage Shamanistic Rage is another game-changing ability, as it reduces all damage you take by 20% and regenerates Mana every second for 15 seconds. The amount of Mana regenerated per second is equal to 15% of your attack power, 10% of your spell power, or 6% of your healing power, whichever value is the greatest. This ability greatly enhances the Shaman's sustainability in both DPS and healing roles.
Ancestral Guidance Ancestral Guidance is a unique ability that allows 25% of your damage to be converted into healing for up to three party members for 10 seconds. Furthermore, 100% of your healing is converted into damage on the most recent Flame Shock target. This ability creates a fascinating synergy between dealing damage and healing, potentially turning a Shaman into a versatile support class.

Season of Discovery Shaman Leg New Rune Engravings


Hand Rune Engravings

Lastly, let's explore the hand engravings, featuring more Shaman abilities:

New Runes Description
Water Shield The Water Shield ability surrounds the caster with three globes of water, granting 1% of your maximum Mana every 5 seconds. When a spell, melee, or ranged attack hits the caster, 4% of the maximum Mana is restored, expending one water globe. Only one globe activates every few seconds, and it has a duration of 10 minutes. Just like Earth Shield, only one elemental shield can be active on the Shaman at any time.
Lava Lash Lava Lash is an exciting ability that charges your offhand weapon with lava, instantly dealing 100% of your offhand weapon damage. This damage is increased by 20% if your offhand weapon is enchanted with Flame Tongue. This ability makes dual-wielding Shamans even more deadly in combat.
Lava Burst Lava Burst is another iconic Shaman ability making its debut in vanilla WoW. It hurls molten lava at the target, dealing fire damage. If Flame Shock is active on the target, Lava Burst will deal a critical strike. This ability will make Shamans a force to be reckoned with in both PvE and PvP scenarios.
Molten Blast Molten Blast allows you to blast enemies in a cone in front of you for significant damage, generating a high amount of threat. Flame Shock's periodic damage has a 10% chance to reset the cooldown on Molten Blast, aiding you in maintaining threat when tanking in dungeons or raids.

Season of Discovery Shaman Hand New Rune Engravings


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In Season of Discovery, Shaman class is shaping up to be a versatile and powerful choice for players. With their enhanced abilities and unique mechanics, they can excel as tanks, healers, and DPS characters. Whether you're looking to support your group, deal damage, or hold the line as a tank, Shaman has something for everyone. As you prepare for your adventures in Classic WoW, keep these new spells and abilities in mind, and choose the path that best suits your playstyle and preferences. 

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