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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Healer Tier List: Best Talent Build & Runes Choose | Phase 1

As the inaugural Blackfathom Deeps raid looms, it becomes imperative to delve into the healer hierarchy at level 25. With a plethora of novel healing possibilities at our disposal, meticulous planning is essential to pinpoint the most robust healers for this particular stage. Let's we will dissect each healing class, scrutinize talent builds, and assess their efficacy in navigating the impending challenges within Blackfathom Deeps.



WoW Classic Season of Discovery Healer Tier List: Best Talent Build & Runes Choose | Phase 1


1. Priests (S Tier)

Holy Priests wield a plethora of mending choices, formidable area-of-effect recovery, and remarkable versatility. Their pinnacle status arises from their adeptness at navigating diverse healing challenges.


Talent Build Holy Priest
Holy Tree
  • Renew (3 points): Provide sustained healing over time.
  • Holy Specialization (2 points): Enhance critical healing or consider Healing Focus for interrupt protection.
  • Divine Fury (5 points): Faster casting for Smite, Holy Fire, and healing spells.
  • Holy Nova (1 point): Valuable AoE healing.
  • Inspiration (3 points): Boost target armor after critical effects.
  • Improved Healing (1 point): Reduce Mana cost of lesser heal, heal, and greater heal.
  • Chest: Serendipity (Flash Heal efficiency).
  • Hands: Circle of Healing (AoE healing) or Penance (single-target burst healing).
  • Legs: Prayer of Mending (proactive healing).


2. Druids (S Tier)

Druids radiate with potent Healing over Time spells and expansive area-of-effect restoration. Their indispensability stems from their capacity to mend both tanked assaults and raid-wide injuries.


Talent Build Restoration Druid
Holy Tree
  • Improved Mark of the Wild (1 point): Strengthen buffs.
  • Improved Healing Touch (5 points): Reduce cast time for Healing Touch.
  • Reflection (5 points): Continue Mana regeneration while casting.
  • Subtlety (2 points): Decrease threat from healing spells.
  • Rejuvenation (1 point): Enhance HoT effectiveness.
  • Chest: Fury of Stormrage (Hybrid DPS/Healer) or Living Seed (Tank healing).
  • Hands: Wild Growth (AoE healing).
  • Legs: Life Bloom (stackable HoT).


3. Paladins (S Tier)

Holy Paladins specialize in individual target restoration, armed with the potent Lay on Hands cooldown. Their unparalleled prowess in damage mitigation and tank bolstering sets them apart.


Talent Build Holy Paladin
Holy Tree
  • Divine Intellect (1 point): Increase Mana and Intellect.
  • Spiritual Focus (3 points): Avoid casting interruptions.
  • Healing Light (3 points): Boost Flash of Light and Holy Light.
  • Lay on Hands (1 point): Emergency healing.
  • Blessing of Wisdom (1 point): Enhance Mana regeneration.
  • Chest: Beacon of Light (Single-target healing).
  • Hands: Divine Storm (Hybrid DPS/Healer).
  • Legs: Earth Shield (Tank protection).


4. Shamans (A Tier)

Restoration Shamans excel in fostering robust group recovery and showcasing totem versatility. Though they may lack the versatility of certain other healing classes, their contributions remain invaluable.


Talent Build Restoration Shaman
Holy Tree
  • Totemic Focus (2 points): Reduce Mana cost of totems.
  • Tidal Focus (2 points): Reduce Mana cost of healing spells.
  • Healing Grace (3 points): Lower threat from healing spells.
  • Ancestral Healing (3 points): Boost target armor after critical heals.
  • Totemic Mastery (1 point): Increase totem radius.
  • Arcane Meditation (1 point): Continue Mana regeneration while casting.
  • Chest: Healing Rain (AoE healing).
  • Hands: Water Shield (Mana regeneration).
  • Legs: Earth Shield (Tank protection).


5. Mages (A Tier)

Mages inject a distinctive flair into the healing realm by seamlessly combining damage-dealing and healing prowess. Despite not conforming to the conventional healer archetype, they provide intriguing utility and wield the potential for widespread area-of-effect healing.


Talent Build Arcane Healer
Holy Tree
  • Arcane Subtlety (2 points): Reduce threat from Arcane spells.
  • Arcane Focus (3 points): Increase hit chance with Arcane spells.
  • Arcane Concentration (5 points): Chance to enter clear casting state.
  • Improved Arcane Explosion (2 points): Enhance AoE damage.
  • Chest: Regeneration (Initial and periodic healing).
  • Hands: Arcane Blast (Deal Arcane damage).
  • Legs: Mass Regeneration (AoE healing).


In the grand scheme of things, the efficacy of menders hinges upon the intricate dance of raid composition and the nuances of encounter mechanics. The crème de la crème among healers comprises priests, druids, and Paladins, each wielding unique prowess in single-target healing, area-of-effect mending, and adaptability. Among the supporting ranks, Shamans bring forth robust assistance, while Mages bring a distinctive blend of damage-dealing and curative abilities to the table.

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