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Season of Discovery Warlock Best Pre-Raid Runes, Talents, and Gear List | Classic WoW

Get ready to delve into the nitty-gritty of gearing up your Warlock in the thrilling Classic WoW Season of Discovery (Phase 1). If you've been pacing around, eagerly anticipating the perfect build for your Warlock, look no further. We've been rummaging through the depths of Azeroth to bring you the pre-raid best-in-slot (BiS) gear, runes, and talents for every Warlock flavor out there. 



Season of Discovery Warlock Best Pre-Raid Runes, Talents, and Gear List | Classic WoW


Shadowbolt Cleave Build 

First up, we've got the Shadowbolt Cleave build, ideal for those who love to rain down shadowy destruction.



  • Improved Shadow Bolt (5/5): More shadow damage? Yes, please!
  • Bane (5/5): Reduce that Shadow Bolt cast time and keep the darkness flowing.
  • Devastation (5/5): A nice 5% crit chance boost. Who doesn't like more crits?
  • Improved Firebolt (1/1): Because our Imps need some love too.



  • Chest: Rune of Demonic Tactics - Boosts crit chances for you and your pet. It's a win-win!
  • Leg: Demonic Grace - Increase your dodge and crit. Dodgeball champion, anyone?
  • Hand: Shadowbolt Volley -More targets, more fun. Spread that shadowy love!



Headpiece Bright-Eye Goggles. Classic engineering swag.
Neck Anything of the Eagle. We like our intellect and stamina.
Shoulders Sage's Mantle of Shadow Wrath. More shadow damage? Yes, please.
Cloak, Chest, and Wrists Look for Shadow Wrath items. We're stacking that shadow damage.
Staff Staff of Shade is king, but Emberstone Staff is a solid plan B.
Gloves Hands of Darkness. Tailor-made and perfect for this build.
Other Gear Belt of Arugal, Silver Thread Pants, Spider Silk Boots. Classic choices for a classic Warlock.


Fire Destruction Build 

For those who prefer a more... incendiary approach, the Fire Destruction build is your ticket to a pyrotechnic paradise.



  • Cataclysm (5/5): Less mana, more fire. Simple and effective.
  • Bane (5/5) & Devastation (5/5): Same as above, because why fix what's not broken?
  • Improved Firebolt (1/1): Again, our Imps are fiery friends.



  • Chest: Lake of Fire - Rain of Fire now creates a burning lake. Hot property!
  • Leg: Incinerate - Because who needs Shadowbolt when you can set things on fire?
  • Hand: Chaos Bolt - Big damage, big fun.



Shoulders Feline Mantle (Shadow Fang Keep). Meow!
Cloak Fiery Wrath items for that extra sizzle.
Staff Magician Staff of Fiery Wrath. Burn, baby, burn.


Affliction Build

For the Warlocks who enjoy a slow, agonizing victory over their foes, the Affliction build is your cup of tea.



  • Suppression (4/5) & Corruption (5/5): Reduced resistances and instant Corruption. Sweet!
  • Amplify Curse & Improved Curse of Agony: More painful curses? Yes, please.



  • Chest: Master Channeler - Turn Drain Life into a DOT. More dots, more fun.
  • Leg: Everlasting Affliction - Keep that Corruption going.


Gearing Up:

Stick with the Shadow Wrath gear, balancing your spell damage with intellect and stamina. Don't forget your Spider Silk Boots for that extra oomph.


Warlock Tank Build

Last but not least, for those daring souls who want to tank as a Warlock, here’s a build just for you.



  • Demonic Embrace (5/5): Bulk up with extra stamina.
  • Cataclysm (5/5): Less mana cost for your AOE spells.
  • Improved Corruption: Just in case you need to throw a curse or two.



  • Chest: Master Channeler - More self-sustain with Drain Life.
  • Leg: Demonic Grace - Boost your dodge and survivability.
  • Hand: Metamorphosis - The ultimate Warlock tanking tool.



Focus on stamina and intellect. Your go-to's are Robes of Arugal, Spider Silk Boots, and anything with 'of the Eagle'. Don't forget that Staff of Shade for maximum impact.


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As we gear up for the Season of Discovery's wild ride, remember: these builds are like a Warlock's spellbook, mere starting points. Don't be shy to sprinkle your own magical flair into the mix. Personalize them! Whether you're all about casting ominous shadows, igniting your foes, or weaving complex afflictions, make these builds your own. And hey, if you're feeling bold enough to tank as a Warlock, more power to you! Keep experimenting, stay curious, and above all, have a blast conjuring up your unique brand of dark magic. 

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