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Season of Discovery Mage Pre-Raid Best Runes, Talents and Gear List Guide | WoW Classic

What's up, WoW wizards and sorceresses! Today's magical journey is all about Mages class in Classic WoW's Season of Discovery (Phase 1). Buckle up as we explore four electrifying builds: Arcane DPS, Arcane Healing, Fire DPS, and Frost. Each one comes with its own set of runes, talents, and gear to turn you into a spell-slinging powerhouse.


Season of Discovery Mage Pre-Raid Best Runes, Talents and Gear List Guide | WoW Classic


Arcane DPS Mage

First up, Arcane DPS Mages, here's your lowdown. 



  • Chest: Enlightenment is your go-to for that sweet mana regen and damage boost when above 70% mana. Perfect for mana-heavy Arcane DPS.
  • Leg: Arcane Surge. It's like a mana party - unleashing all remaining mana for a huge damage spike, then supercharging your mana regen. Enlightenment and Arcane Surge are like peanut butter and jelly – they just work together.
  • Hand: Arcane Blast. Think of it as your bread-and-butter spell, stacking up damage and mana cost for some serious kaboom.



  • Improved Arcane Missiles: 4 points for reduced interruption.
  • Arcane Focus: 5 points to make your spells irresistible.
  • Arcane Subtlety: 2 points for reduced threat and resistance.
  • Arcane Concentration: 5 points for a chance at clear casting.


Gear Highlights:

Head Brighteye Goggles (for the intellect and spirit).
Neck Spectral Necklace of the Owl.
Shoulders Feline Mantle from Shadowfang Keep.
Cape Any Arcane Wrath Cape for spell damage.
Chest Robes of Arugal (Shadowfang Keep treasure).
Bracers Durable Bracers of Arcane Wrath.
Weapon Aim for 40-60 Arcane spell damage.
Hands Reinforced Woolen Mitts of the Owl.
Belt Belt of Arugal (Shadowfang again!).
Legs Watcher's Leggings of the Owl.
Boots Spider Silk Boots (tailoring magic).
Rings L'Keeper Ring and Lavishly Jeweled Ring (or Azora's Will for Horde).
Trinkets Arena Grand Master and Goblin Jumper Cables.
Wand Cookie's Stirring Wand or any Arcane Wand.


Arcane Healing Mage

For this unique build, gear stays similar to the DPS setup, but we focus on converting arcane damage into healing.

  • Chest: Regeneration. It's your healing superpower, turning arcane damage into healing over time.
  • Leg: Mass Regeneration. Think of it as an AOE heal party, with everyone getting a slice of your arcane damage as health.
  • Hand: Arcane Blast (again) or Rewind Time for that nifty "undo" button on damage taken.


Talents mirror the Arcane DPS build, focusing on damage mitigation and mana efficiency to maximize your healing potential.


Fire DPS Mage



  • Chest: Burnout. For that crit chance, or Enlightenment if you’re a mana miser.
  • Leg: Living Flame. For AOE or Icy Veins for boss battles.
  • Hand: Living Bomb. It's like setting up a fireworks show on your enemies.



  • Improved Fireball: 5 points to reduce cast time.
  • Ignite: 5 points for extra burn on crits.
  • Incinerate: 2 points for more fire blast and scorch crits.
  • Improved Flamestrike: 3 points for a fiery crit boost.


Gear Focus:

Swap Arcane Wrath items for Fiery Wrath ones, maintaining a balance between spell damage and mana efficiency. Phoenix Pants are a fire Mage's dream!


Frost Spec Mage



  • Chest Rune: Fingers of Frost for those frozen treats.
  • Leg Rune: Icy Veins. It's like putting your spellcasting in fast-forward.
  • Hand Rune: Ice Lance. When it's triple damage time, it's Ice Lance time.



  • Improved Frostbolt: 5 points for quicker casting.
  • Elemental Precision: 3 points for better hit chances.
  • Ice Shards: 5 points to double that crit damage.
  • Cold Snap: Reset those frosty cooldowns.


Gear Focus:

Keep the same gear trend, but switch to Frozen Wrath items where possible. Icicle Rod is a cool staff choice, and Azora Silk Pants are a frosty fit.


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And there you have it, folks – your guide to being a magnificent Mage in WoW's Classic Season of Discovery. Remember, the best gear and talents fit your playstyle, so feel free to experiment. 

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