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Where and How to Farming WoW Classic Season of Discovery Gold Guides?

World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery offers you the opportunity to earn substantial gold. Swam will provide you with tips, tricks, and locations to maximize your WOW Classic SoD gold earning potential.



Prime Farming Location: Dun Morogh in Wetlands

Dun Morogh in Wetlands is the subject of today's spotlight. Recognize this spot?

It is renowned for farming the Dark Iron Ordnance, an important item in Season of Discovery. 

There are a variety of runes available, some of which are extraordinary powerful.

These runes are tradable, which means they can be sold on the auction house. 

They are currently selling for approximately 40 silver each. 

It is also part of a quest that requires 20 of them, which equates to about eight gold for completion.

You can purchase these items rather than farming them, which is where you come in handy.



Not Just Any Mob: The Dark Iron Rifleman

As you progress through this area, you will encounter a number of Dark Iron mobs, but the real gold lies in the Dark Iron Rifleman. 

Steel Arrow Crossbows occasionally drop from them, a pre-raid best-in-slot hunter weapon with a 3% drop rate. 

In the auction house, this item is rare and is likely to fetch you a significant sum of money.



The Spider Silk Gold Farm in Duskwood

Let's talk about this particular farm.

It is located in Duskwood, which is a gold mine for the production of spider silk. 

According to the auction house, this item can fetch between 40 and 70 silver per unit. 

Based on this, you can expect to earn between 7 and 10 gold per hour.



Why Farm Spider Silk?

  • In high demand: Spider silk is required for the crafting of Spider Silk Boots, a highly sought-after item for cloth users and casters alike.
  • Versatile Drops: Alongside spider silk, you can also find green and blue items, boosting your gold per hour.


Maximizing Profits with Chests and Mobs

  • Chests: Duskwood has eight chest spawn points where you can find additional valuable items.
  • Greens and Blues: These items, obtained from mobs and chests, can significantly increase your income.


Additional Benefits

  • Reputation Farming: Gain reputation with the Astoroth Commerce Authority through this farming method.
  • Herbalism and Mining: Incorporate these skills to add extra gold to your farm, especially with Bri Thorn and mining veins.


Alternative Locations in Wetlands

If Duskwood isn't your scene, try the Wetlands. 

Both inside and outside a specific cave, you'll find a wealth of spiders and the same lucrative spider silk.



Farming Efficiency Tips

  • Choose AOE Classes: Warlocks, Hunters, and Mages excel in this farming method.
  • Incorporate Professions: Herbalism and mining can add another layer of profit.



In addition to this gold farm, this is part of a larger strategy to take advantage of WoW Classic's Season of Discovery.

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