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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Class Tier List for PvP and PvE at Level 25

We provide a complete insight into each WoW Classic Season of Discovery class' strengths and weaknesses at level 25, regardless of whether you are focused on arena or PvP. We also cover farm WOW SoD Gold and raiding strategies.



Mage - Tier: C

  • PvP Limitations: Lacks iconic spells at level 25, affecting their performance in battlegrounds and world PvP.
  • PvE Role: Effective healers but not as dominant as other classes.
  • Overall Tier: C - Underwhelming at this stage, with potential for improvement at higher levels.


Warrior - Tier: B

  • PvP Performance: Slightly weaker at level 25, Warriors excel in group settings like Warsong but struggle in 1v1 scenarios.
  • PvE Strengths: Strong tanks and damage dealers in raids, especially when paired with Wind Fury.
  • Overall Tier: B - Great in PvE but lacking in solo PvP efficiency at this level.


Rogue - Tier: A

  • PvP Constraints: Limited toolkit at level 25, affecting performance in Warsong and open-world PvP.
  • PvE Strength: High damage output in raids, competitive with top DPS classes.
  • Overall Tier: A - Solid in PvE but overshadowed by other classes in PvP.


Druid - Tier: A

  • PvE Presence: Strong in dungeons and raids, with Feral Druids being highly sought after.
  • PvP Utility: Effective in flag carrying and versatile in various PvP scenarios.
  • Overall Tier: A - A well-rounded class, excelling in both PvE and PvP.


Shaman - Tier: A+

  • PvE Excellence: Exceptional tanks in raids and dungeons, offering significant damage and utility with totems.
  • PvP Variation: Enhancement Shamans fare well in PvP, but Elemental Shamans are weaker at this level.
  • Overall Tier: A+ - A powerhouse in PvE with a decent PvP presence.


Warlock - Tier: S

  • PvP Dominance: The top class for 1v1 encounters, excelling in battlegrounds with their Affliction build.
  • PvE Capabilities: Moderately effective in PvE, especially as Metamorphosis tanks, though not as strong as other tank classes.
  • Overall Tier: S - Their PvP prowess outweighs their slightly weaker PvE performance.


Priest - Tier: S

  • PvP and PvE Mastery: Outstanding healers at level 25, with powerful spells like Penance.
  • Versatility: Strong in both PvP and PvE, though Shadow spec is less viable at this level.
  • Overall Tier: S - Unmatched healing abilities make them a top-tier choice.


Paladin - Tier: S

  • PvE Impact: Excellent tanks (Protection) and healers (Holy), with Retribution Paladins being formidable in PvE.
  • PvP Performance: Strong, but not on par with Priests in versatility.
  • Overall Tier: S - High-tier in PvE, slightly less so in PvP.


Hunter - Tier: S+

Versatility: Excellent in solo PvE content, dungeons, and raids. Strong in world PvP.

Movement Advantage: Superior mobility with Aspect of the Cheetah.

Overall Tier: S+ - Arguably the best class in this bracket for its all-around capabilities.



Each class's capabilities in WoW Classic's Season of Discovery at level 25 are summarized in this tier list. No matter your skill level, this guide aims to help you pick the right class in both PvP and PvE settings.

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