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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Warrior Leveling Guides

I'm not suggesting that I'm a master at playing a warrior class but I have spent a lot of time creating an effective leveling plan. When phase two comes out and the level cap rises to 40, I will update this manual. 


WoW Classic Season of Discovery Warrior Leveling Guides


Leveling a Warrior: Smoother Than Expected

It was pretty easy to level up my warrior contrary to popular belief. There was hardly any downtime and I found it very easy to complete most quests or grind through mobs with ease. It is possible to pull one or two mobs at once with minimal risk but more than that requires playing carefully.


Key Strategies for Efficient Leveling

Boon of Black Fathom: Sometimes this buff is inactive but when it is active it changes everything. To get this buff easily as an alliance player set your hearthstone there or as well go there by any means necessary while horde players need to set their hearthstone in Orgrimmar then go there by island zeppelin dock where boats leave frequently. Warlocks often summon players for this buff for a small fee.

Weapon Choice: A good 2H weapon from AH updated every five levels will significantly improve your DPS. Most useful Green BoE weapons are available at low levels. Look for those suffixed with of the Tiger or of the Bear because they offer stats like strength and agility.


Dual Wielding vs. Two-Handers

By the time you reach level 20, you will be able to dual wield but I would advise you to stick with a two-hander. Dual wielding often misses attacks due to penalties on hit, thereby making rage generation less effective. Two handers yield more damage and better rage gain.


Armor and Consumables

When leveling, concentrate on mail gear because it is better in terms of stats and survival. You can use consumables like elixir of lion's strength or minor agility but they are not a must have. For emergency situations, I mainly relied on my stock of cheap potions.


Talent Builds

With the maximum level at 25, there are not so many options for you. Place the first five points into Cruelty (Fury) for the extra crit chance and then start focusing on Arms tree. Improved Rend along with Deep Wounds are good for bleed damage as well as rage generation.


Runes and Their Impact

Victory Rush is an important glove rune for both damage and healing. Another must-have leg rune obtained at level ten is Frenzy Assault which increases attack speed while using a two-handed weapon For your chest rune however, think about Blood Frenzy for bleeds that give additional rage.



First aid is almost essential for quick healing and reduced downtime. It would also be useful to know some engineering basics in order to increase your damage output and add utility or even skinning/leatherworking which allow creation of potential gears.


Rotation and Strategy

At this point focus solely on using Charge, Victory Rush and Heroic Strike until you reach level 10 Post level ten start incorporating Rend, Overpower, Cleave into two-mob encounters Use your abilities wisely to manage rage and optimize damage output.


Additional Tips

  • Keep your gear updated particularly weapons.
  • Use hamstring when kiting or handling multiple mobs.
  • Always start your combat with a Charge followed by Blood Rage.
  • Follow important abilities like Victory Rush and Battle Shout with add-ons or weak auras.


To sum it up, a player can level as a warrior smoothly and enjoyably in Season of Discovery with right attitude. Always keep an eye for more warrior guides in this season and happy leveling!

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