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WoW Classic SoD most Powerful Warlock Runes Guides

WoW Classic's Season of Discovery is now well underway, so let's dive into what I consider to be the five toughest and best Warlock Runes. If you want to change your game with just a few levels, these runes are an absolute must-have above lvl 15.



Incinerate Rune

Place it on a mob that drops it as loot. It is a sure drop from Incinerator GM, an elite mob, in a small cave among orcs at Red Ridge Mountains. Since the level of this mob is 23, aim to go beyond level 20. It will take some effort to bring him down and doing it alone can be dangerous. Once he has been defeated, go ahead and loot the rune off him.



Lake of Fire Rune

A fire spell rune that makes RoF leave a burning effect on the ground increasing damage by 40% for 15 seconds which is crucial for any fire build. Ziil is a goblin merchant who roams Hillsbrad Foothills right between Southshore and Tarren Mill. Spend one gold on Demolition Explosives at his shop then go south-east to Durnholde Keep. Here use the explosives to destroy some rubble before looting your rune but beware pvp players and mobs.



Everlasting Affliction Rune

When you use this powerful shadow rune, all your corruption spells get their time reset by your shadow spells… Reputation grinding with this new faction has been made easier than ever before; hence attaining friendly status should not be hard anymore. To gain reputation within alliance, you can farm supply crates in Westfall then hand them in either empty or with auction house items for reputation. For the friendly level of reputation, this rune costs 2 wow sod gold.



Shadow Bolt Volley Rune

This rune turns your Shadow Bolt into an AOE spell. It is found as a drop in the Blackwood Corrupted quest from Delman of Hatred in Darkshore and it can also be acquired during the Metamorphosis Rune quest in Westfall and Loch Modan.



Metamorphosis Rune

The best tanking rune for warlocks. It starts with D'Kahn in Southern Barrens and involves collecting materials from Ashenvale and Shadow Fang Keep plus several more items from Darkshore and Redridge Mountains. The final step requires fighting demons in Ashenvale forest and performing a ritual to defeat a Searing Infernal. This rune takes some time to grind but it is totally worth it.



Tips for the Journey

  • Contested zones are always fraught with PvP encounters so be ready at all times.
  • Larger groups could be formed that would ease their way through difficult zones.
  • In order to minimize travel time and maximize efficacy, plan your route well ahead of time.


These five runes will make your warlock much stronger during WoW Classic's Season of Discovery. Remember that patience is vital when dealing with these challenges.

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