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WoW Classic Sod Gold Farming with Herb Swiftthistle Guides

This article will cover how to make gold farming WoW Classic Sod with a guide on Herb Swiftthistle. The idea here is to maximize our wow sod gold earnings by hitting as many herb nodes as possible especialy Briarthorn, Bruiseweed and Mage Royal. I'll let you in on my route and tips that I use to make approximately 12-15 gold per hour.


WoW Classic Sod Gold Farming with Herb Swiftthistle Guides


What is Swiftthistle?

Swiftthistle is an important herb in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery since it is used for the manufacture of Alchemy potions and Thistle Tea. However, its auction house value is expensive to most players which makes it difficult to obtain this item. Brearthing and Mageroyal are two ways of getting Swiftthistle or buying it from the auction house. Although spending 14 silver each for Swiftthistle might seem okay for individuals, purchasing them wholesale can be quite costly sometimes totaling into huge sums of gold.


Setting Up

To begin with, create a map of your pathway. I use gathermate and routes addons through which I plan my trips in areas where there are no other players. Keep in mind that outer zones often go unnoticed and have natural herbs in abundance.


Route Optimization

For this farming guide, I prefer covering all major Briarthorn nodes essential for Swiftthistle farming. Make sure you farm every single node because one missed node equals less money you would have made from selling all those herbs. Full coverage of the area guarantees uninterrupted supply of herbs.


Choosing the Right Character

This is why as Hunter I get Aspect of the Cheetah and Pathfinding giving me a 36% movement speed boost required for faster farming activities. This guide has been written specifically for Hunters who need gathering skills maximized; however, other classes could still benefit from these principles too.


Execution Strategy

For our guide, we will be focusing on counterclockwise routes. Always watch your mini-map and stick to the planned path. The goal is to get as many Briarthorn and Swiftthistle as possible, while picking up some Bruiseweed and Mage Royal as well.



Understanding Node Mechanics

In World of Warcraft Classic, herb nodes usually spawn randomly in certain fixed positions. You can anticipate where herbs are likely to respawn by understanding these patterns. The key here is the more you collect quickly, the more gold you make per hour.


Route Walkthrough

Starting our loop we'll target Briarthorn mostly, then add Bruiseweed and Mage Royal on our way forward. We need to check every possible node because we want to be thorough.


Time Management

It takes roughly 15 minutes for a single circuit of our route. In an ideal situation, your movement speed should take into account the respawn rates for herbs. If you find yourself waiting for respawns, consider extending your path or reducing the speed slightly.


Efficiency Tips

  • Focus only on what you really need: Briarthorn and Swiftthistle.
  • Efficient routing can increase your haul by up to 33%.
  • Regularly update your route based on respawn patterns and competition.


Market Considerations

For instance, it is important that you know prices of briarthorn at auction house. Swiftness potions in PVP or gathering are often highly sought after with swift thistle being one of their main constituents hence it's being highly valued.


Closing Thoughts

Swiftthistle farming can be a highly profitable endeavor in WoW Classic's Season of Discovery. By having a good plan for your movement around this area, smart gathering of everything available there and knowing what sells well in the market, one should aim at not less than 12-15g/hour. More guides are coming soon as we progress through each phase of Season of Discovery

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