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Albion Online Making Silver Best Solo PvE and PvP Builds

It is easy to earn silver in Albion online as it offers a variety of methods. However, it's not necessary to invest too much on that. This guide will take you through the five best affordable solo builds that can make you millions of Albion Online Silver, for both PvE and PvP situations. Lets look at these builds and what items or skills should be focused on.



Battle Axe Build

The Battle Axe has many uses from high damage, crowd control and even sustainability.


Key Abilities:

  • Rending Strike/Spin for single target or AoE damage.
  • Adrenaline Boost for increased damage and speed.
  • Blood Bandit for damage and healing.


Gear Recommendations:

  • Hunter Hood for reflect damage.
  • Mercenary Jacket for life steal.
  • Soldier Boots for armor and movement.
  • Torch for cooldown and attack speed.


Nature Staff Build

Solo PvE players would benefit greatly from using Nature Staff because it allows them to have great control over their enemies as well as to maintain their health easily.


Key Abilities:

  • Thorn's Growth for damage and slowing down enemies.
  • Bramble Seed/Protection of Nature for either offense or defense purposes respectively.
  • Circle of Life for healing and crowd control.


Gear Recommendations:

  • Mage Cowl should be used to get AoE fire damage
  • Mercenary Jacket is good if you need emergency sustain
  • Soldier Boots are essential in this build because they provide armor and healing
  • Regular or Thetford Cape is recommended here if you want more damageresults


Bow Build

The bow deals consistent ranged damage, therefore making it a perfect choice. It is an excellent weapon in both PvE and PvP as it enables the player to control mobs efficiently thus giving them a better chance against other players,


Key Abilities:

  • Multi-shot for damage- dealing ability with some crowd control effects that help in controlling the crowds around the player;
  • Frost Shot or Ray of Light for mobility or rooting enemies, respectively.
  • Enchanted Quiver for increased damage and attack speed.


Gear Recommendations:

  • Hunter Hood should be used because it helps in reflect damage
  • Mercenary Jacket is a great option in this case since it results in life stealing
  • Soldier Boots should be worn to enhance mobility in the game
  • Regular or Thetford Cape can be used together with the class for massive burst damage.


Witchwork Staff Build

The Witchwork Staff found under the arcane tree is good at AoE damages and crowd control.


Key Abilities:

  • Chain Missile for damage and Arcane charges.
  • Enigma Blade for mobility and damage.
  • Black Hole for grouping enemies and control.


Gear Recommendations:

  • Mage Cowl gives you fire breath ability
  • Mercenary Jacket is best to use if you need healing
  • Soldier Boots are best used if you need speed and defense
  • Torch will reduce cooldowns on your abilities. 


Battle Bracers Build

The Battle Bracers have slightly higher prices but have high amount of instant damages as well as a chance of offering PvP potential.


Key Abilities:

  • Create Opening/Dragon Leap for damage and control.
  • Falon Smash makes it immune to crowd control when dived forward through this skill.
  • Fatal Fury comes with a passive damage increase feature.


Gear Recommendations:

  • Assassin Hood for cooldown reduction purposes.
  • Cleric Robe increases the player's attacks in terms of power and efficiency . 
  • Assassin Shoes make the player faster by raising his/her movespeed while also reducing cooldowns at this point. 
  • Avalonian Cape can be recommended here so as to have melee burst damage. 


Final Thoughts

To keep from spending too much, you may prefer to concentrate on damage while choosing a build for your silver farming purposes, in addition, these five builds provide players with a combination of sustainability, control and damage which will be perfect for them if they are playing solo. Each of the five builds should be played differently according to its strengths and one should always be conscious of his or her surroundings particularly during PvP situations.

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