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How to Make Albion Online Silver with Crafting Items?

It might seem like an impossible task to make millions of silver in Albion Online without grinding, but it is very much possible with the right strategies. This guide will help you set up a system enabling you to generate millions of Albion Online silver with minimal effort.



Crafting: The Key to Success

Crafting stands out as the primary method of generating silver in Albion Online. The secret is all about finding the best ratio between focus points and time on one hand and silver returns on the other. With 10,000 free focus points daily from premium accounts, we need to craft items that give us more money yet consume less time.


Zero-Risk Strategy

Aiming for a zero-risk strategy involves avoiding pitfalls like high shop stall costs, risky transports from black zone hideouts, market volatility, item nerfs or competing with whales or bots. 

  • Avoid Shop Stalls and Cartels: The heavy crafting cost at town stalls can greatly reduce your earnings. Look for items not too reliant on shop stalls or think about using your own stalls on your island.
  • Choose Your Crafts Wisely: Concentrate on those items which are always purchased by gamers and are less prone to be influenced by changes in their prices or nerfs; stay away from unpopular ones and competitors' saturated marketplaces.
  • Resource Management: Make sure you have a constant source of materials. This might mean growing them yourself or placing buy orders strategically so as not to get caught up in whale or cartel induced market manipulation.
  • Crafting Efficiency: Look for items that give you the best return per focus point and time spent making them. This calls for thorough research and calculations of what items bring in the most profit when crafted.


Entering the Market

Before getting into crafting, calculate the cost of maxing out mastery and specialization. Consider the cost of crafting a set number of items per day and the sales volume. To make it worth your while, your daily earnings should preferably exceed 500,000 silver.


Reducing Costs

Some ways to reduce the costs of crafting include:

1) Analyzing buy and sell order differentials.

2) Utilizing alt characters for growing or refining materials.

3) Assessing the need for island space and laborers.

4) Making sure that your chosen crafting niche does not consume too much time or resources.


Dealing with Competition

Assess competition in your chosen crafting niche. This involves looking at sales volumes, ease of entry, material availability as well as market dominance by wealthy players. Choose a niche which has manageable competition and consistent demand.


Final Steps

Once you have done this research and selected your area of focus when it comes to crafts, do so with efficiency and profitability in mind. The aim should be to craft items that take minimal time investments for maximum returns. In this way, you can play the game or do other things while your crafting alts keep you working without doing anything.



Becoming a millionaire in Albion Online without grinding is all about smart crafting choices, efficient use of resources, and minimizing risks. Initially there will be research and some setup involved but once everything is in place profits are significant even though very little time investment is required. It is worth noting that success herein depends on striking an appropriate balance between focus points, silver and time.

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