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Albion Online Skinning Guide: Maximizing Farming Silver Safely 2024

In 2024, we are sharing the most comprehensive guide of Skinning in Albion Online which is one of the best ways to earn Silver safely. This guide will teach a solo player and guild member how to farm silver effectively by skinning. This article will discuss every aspect of skinning from basic skinning skills to advanced techniques that boost Albion Online silver per hour.



Albion Online Skinning Guide: Maximizing Farming Silver Safely 2024


Why You Should Choose Skinning

Skinning in Albion online is among the easiest ways to make silver in a safe environment. It is especially helpful for those who want to stay away from PvP areas. With skinning, you can gradually increase your wealth without ever running the risk of losing your gears all the time.


Equipment and Setup

Begin with the right equipment. I suggest you use a Tier 8 Avalonian gathering tool and Tier 8 Skinning Gear. Don't worry if you're not there yet. Take about a month while playing the game, and you should be able to buy and unlock Tier-8 gear. After all, an initial investment in good gear will pay off in the end.


Choosing Your Location

The location determines everything when it comes to skinning animals. I prefer zones a few zones away from Bridgewatch, known as the skinning capital. These areas tend to have a higher density of animals, making them ideal for gathering. Although some may argue that black or red zones yield more profits for this activity, for me as a solo player without guilds, often any gain here is outweighed by risks involved.


Efficiency Tips

  • Focus on Skin-Enriched Mobs: Prioritize animals with pricey skins. Also, avoid getting distracted with other resources such hemp or ores if they are not enchanted.
  • Use Journals: Journals are another means of earning extra cash on top of what you would have earned through farming alone. Fill them up while you gather and sell them or use them with laborers for additional profits.
  • Avoid Overcrowded Areas: Mind other players. If an area is getting crowded with people trying to follow the same strategy, it might be worth looking for a less popular option.
  • Efficient Killing: Hide Animal Poison on your Armor: killing more animals quicker. This helps get hides fast without spending so much time on each animal.
  • Target Small Mobs Too: It may seem insignificant, but don't ignore smaller animals like Impalas. They often provide quick and valuable resources.
  • Keep an Eye on Respawn Timers: Knowing and leveraging respawn timers can put you in the spots where better skins are at when they arrive there.


Maximizing Silver Per Hour

Here's how to maximize your silver per hour:

  • Be selective about where you go skinning, aiming for areas that have a mix of valuable animals
  • Use your gear and abilities well to reduce the time spent on each mob.
  • Plan your skinning sessions considering the time of day and server population.
  • Look out for enchanted mobs as they are much more valuable.



Skinning in Albion Online can be highly profitable especially when done with a strategy in mind. By following the tips and tricks outlined in this guide, you'll be well on your way to maximizing your silver earnings in a safe and efficient manner.

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