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WoW Classic SoD Best Tin Ore Mining Route in The Barrens

Welcome to your go-to guide for mining Tin Ore in WoW Classic's Season of Discovery. Mining, contrary to the initial thought, is pretty much lucrative during Phase 1 particularly due to Tin Ore. This is how you can take advantage of the need for blacksmithing materials.


Rugged Landscapes of the Barrens

Explore the wealth of Tin Ore in WoW's Season of Discovery amid the rough landscapes of the Barrens. Mainly located in the southern areas within Bristleback boar mobs and against mountains, there is a lot of Tin Ore here. Often keep watch on Oasis zones where Tin Ore appears consistently. Go down further south past Camp Taurajo and discover Bal Modan Digsite - an abundant source that houses huge deposits of tin. The Barrens are a perfect place for miners looking for this valuable mineral.


Understanding the Market

  • High Demand for Tin Ore: Surprisingly, many servers sell it at about 6.6 silver per piece. This demand is as a result of many players trying to level up their skill in blacksmithing who do not want to gather materials themselves.
  • Also Mine Copper: While you're on your route, don't overlook Copper Ore. It is an easy extra earning at about 2.2 silver per piece.


Preparing for the Route

  • Inventory Management: Ensure you have enough bag space to pick all ores and possible gems while still keeping them safely inside your bags.
  • Time Your Runs: Consider running through them during off-peak hours so that there are fewer people competing with you.


The Mining Route

  • Location: The route is set around The Barrens which is famous for its plentiful supplies of Tin Ore.
  • Route Direction: Start from Crossroads and follow through a loop going outwards. In comparison with its southern parts, this zone has faster spawning nodes and less competition.



Maximizing Your Mining

  • Ignore Leveling Traffic: Due to most people leveling up, there are a lot more of them to be found than other players realize.
  • Avoid High-Level Areas: Be cautious of areas with higher-level players as they might be also mining there, which will lower the amount you get from it.


Potential Earnings

  • Average Earnings: One should expect about 3 to 3.5 gold in a half an hour run. This may vary depending on population and time of day.
  • Look Out for Gems: Keep an eye out for tigerseye, shadowgem and like items that can add to your gold count due to their demand in engineering.


Future Prospects

Mining in Later Phases: Currently Tin Ore makes good money, but later phases will bring even more valuable materials such as Mithril which will make mining even more lucrative.



Mining Tin Ore in WoW Classic's Season of Discovery can be a rewarding endeavor. Through this simple path around The Barrens, you can take advantage of the present demand and gather a substantial amount of wow classic sod gold. Also remember timing and location are major keys towards achieving maximum gold. Have fun mining, always having your bags full!

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