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Albion Online Corrupted Dungeons Silver Farming Guides

If you're a solo player just like me, I'm pretty sure you want to maximize your silver farming in Albion Online's Corrupted Dungeons. Don't worry because this guide will help you! We'll be specifically focusing on the non-PvP (Stalker) aspect of Dungeons. 


Albion Online Corrupted Dungeons Silver Farming Guides


Understanding the Basics of Corrupted Dungeons

Corrupted Dungeons are lucrative rewards for players that decide to do solo PvE/PvP instances. So basically, you're hunting for good stuff here. But our focus will be on the PvE aspect. We will try our best to avoid PvP encounters so we can make a steady income of Albion Online silver.



Selecting the Right Gear

It's always important to choose the right gear, no matter what game it is. In this case, for efficient dungeon clearing, we recommend a Cursed Staff build. It gives a good balance between damage output and survivability.

Here are more details of what you should equip yourself with:

  • Cursed Staff (Tier 6 for Cursed Tar and Cursed Beam abilities)
  • Cleric Robe (4.1) for defense
  • Mage Cal and Guardian Boots for added protection
  • Gigantify Potion for emergency situations
  • Thetford Cape for enhanced damage


Consumables and Buffs

No matter how skilled or experienced you are in playing games – consumables and buffs always give an edge in any game.

Here are some that you should have in your inventory:

  • Cabbage Soup: Essential for health regeneration after combat.
  • Tome of Insight: Use only if you get invaded to gain a quick advantage.


Efficient Clearing Strategy

Every step counts when it comes to running dungeons safely while maximizing rewards.

Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Focus on clearing bosses as they offer the best rewards.
  • Use the Cursed Staff's abilities to quickly take down enemies.
  • Plan your path to avoid backtracking and maximize the number of bosses you encounter.
  • Regularly check your gear and consumables to ensure optimal performance.


Loot Management

Though it's not always like this, sometimes it's better to have a system for the exact things that we do. In this case, a system for managing loot. 

Here's one that our runner uses:

  • Prioritize blue or better chests for higher silver and item drops.
  • Regularly head back to deposit your earnings to minimize loss upon death.


Tips for Non-PvP Focus

No matter how hard we try, there will always be PvP encounters in Corrupted Dungeons. It may vary from different types but the most common is when someone invades us. 

To help you escape unscathed, here are some tips:

  • Opt for dungeons with fewer PvP interactions.
  • If invaded, focus on escaping rather than engaging.
  • Utilize traps and dungeon mechanics to your advantage against invaders.


Record Keeping and Improvement

When you're playing you might get competitive with yourself sometimes. Let me tell you – it's not bad! It only means that you want to see improvement in every run that you do. Here are some things that would help you gauge how much better or worse you've done this time compared to last:

  • Track your time spent and silver earned to gauge your efficiency.
  • Aim to clear each dungeon within 6-8 minutes for optimal silver per hour!


The Reality of Silver Farming in Corrupted Dungeons

As much as we'd like everything in life guaranteed, sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. This holds true not only in real life but also here in games such as Albion Online. So keep in mind that no matter what strategies or skills we give you so you become efficient at what you do – luck still plays a big role in the quality of loot!

The key here is consistency and efficiency! Don't rely on rare drops. Instead, trust yourself and continue to get better.


Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, Corrupted Dungeons offer a viable path for solo players to earn silver in Albion Online. It's not gonna be easy but if you focus on efficient clearing and avoiding PvP confrontations, you can make a steady income. So keep your head up high! Practice makes perfect!

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