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WoW Classic Sod Best Herbs for Making Gold in Phase 2 Guides

Welcome to gold making guide for WoW Classic's Season of Discovery, we are getting very close to Phase 2 now! Let us jump into the top three herbs to farm for wow classic sod gold in Phase 2.



Herb #1: Stranglekelp

The Stranglekelp is already famous as it is used in creating such consumables like Lesser Invisibility Potions and Elixir of Defense – this keeps its demand high and supply healthy. Although this herb is presently expensive and there is a large number available in the market, there will most likely be a decline during phase two.

Found mainly in zones such as Silverpine Forest and Hillsbrad Foothills that players will no longer require in the next stage.

Gathering massive amounts of Stranglekelp during this phase will make it possible for one to store them and sell at auction house when the phase starts.


Herb #2: Swiftthistle

Swiftthistle has already been of significant value for those who make Swiftness Potions that are widely used by PvP enthusiasts.

It also becomes more precious due to its critical role in crafting Thistle Tea which is important for Rogues.

Swiftthistle is harvested from Mageroyal and Briarthorn nodes usually found in lower-level areas.

As players progress through level 40, these areas become less populated leading to a significant decrease of supply for Swiftthistle.

Growing it now can guarantee quite some money during Phase 2.


Herb #3: Kingsblood

Kingsblood is another valuable herb found in leveling zones of Phase 1 such as Hillsbrad Foothills and Wetlands.

It finds application in different alchemy recipes and will remain valuable following the end of Phase 2.

With anticipated drop in the number of players frequenting these zones, securing some Kingsblood now could lead to significant profits during Phase 2.


Bonus Herb: Liferoot

Finally, consider farming Liferoot as an additional tip.

The herb is mandatory for the Warrior's Whirlwind Axe quest line that can be gotten at level 30.

If you buy a lot of Liferoot and sell it on the auction house when it launches, you might make money from that.


These are three herbs, plus one bonus, which I see as valuable for phase 2. While there will be plenty of other herbs such as Goldthorn and Wild Steelbloom in the new phase zones, these ones serve a unique opportunity for gold farming.

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