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Albion Online Silver Farming with Skinning in Mist Guides

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG with an economy that's extremely player-driven. Especially in 2024, it's necessary to make as much silver as possible to stay ahead of the competition. In this guide, we'll be looking at a real-life example of how a tier 6 skinner was able to maximize Albion Online Silver per hour in the Mist.


Albion Online Silver Farming with Skinning in Mist Guides


Starting Setup

To start off, we were using just a basic setup which consisted of 30K silver and a t5 gamekeeper journal. When its filled up, it adds an additional 10K silver onto our earnings. The reason for using a t5 journal specifically is because if you're farming animals in the Mist, your best bet would be to profit off of t5 and sometimes t6 animals.


The Skinning Process

With P pressed to gain a gathering bonus of 15% for 30 minutes, we focused on gathering tier 5 animals since each hide had an average value of 5k silver. But obviously, the real money comes into play when running into rare creatures like Tigers which can drop baby animals worth over 50k and even 100k sometimes.


Teleportation and How Valuable Are High-Tier Animals?

Once we hit exactly five minutes into our farm, we would teleport into another mist. This one is known as being a hotspot for heavy hides but also has more player traffic since its so valuable. From here on out we would fill our gamekeeper journal and primarily profit off of tier 6 animals.


Rare Mist And Earnings

Arguably the most exciting part about doing this method is when you get teleported into a rare mist. Tier 6 colored animals are there along with even more valuable tier 7 ones – both which have a chance to be worth over 30k each. Unfortunately luck wasn't on our side when only finding t5.3 locks – but those still added up to 25k silver for two stacks.


Missed Opportunities And What Could've Gained

Due to our low logging level we weren't able to gather logs which were each worth over 20k silver. This just goes on to show how important it is to diversify your skills if you want to maximize your silver per hour.


The Tier 6 Skinning Experience

The main goal as a tier 6 skinner would be to gather hides in the Black Zone. Although it might not be the most efficient one, the journey we did represents the average player's experience.


Strategy and Approach

When farming tier 6 animals it can feel a little slow compared to lower tiers. The only reason one would want to reach tier 7 is so efficiency at tier 6 improves. It all comes down to testing out different spots and adapting strategies so that you're able to find the best gathering locations.


Tactical Movement and Strategy

Efficient gathering isn't all about finding resources quickly – its also about moving around the map as smart as possible. Strategies like dragging animals into a single spot for efficient harvesting are crucial since we enhance the time spent on gathering, in turn making it more profitable and enjoyable.


Premium Account Advantages

If you want serious profits then having a premium account is pretty much necessary. Even without premiums benefits however, just by focusing on your gathering strategy there's still some money that can be made.


Faction Points And Additional Gains

Besides just silver, this method also accumulates faction points. These can eventually be exchanged for additional income through faction chests and combat fame in books.


Conclusion: Total Earnings and Tips

In just 30 minutes, we were able to farm over 200,000 silver. Had our logging skills been at a higher level, we could have even aimed for 300,000. This case study goes to show what can happen when you plan things just right and diversify your skillset within Albion Online. Adaptability and awareness of your surroundings are some of the most important factors in your success.

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