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WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Gold Farming with Engineering Crafting Strategy

Are you prepared to increase the amount of wow sod gold in your pocket in Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery? Our making method rakes in around 1200 gold and I want to share my tips with you. These strategies are made for Horde players, but they can be adapted by anyone.


Engineering and the Auction House

This strategy is based on creating engineering items that are always in high demand. Plus, when done right, they can bank some quick cash. The two main items that Horde players should focus on are the Shredder AutoSalvager and Bronze Gizmos.


- Shredder Autosalvage Unit

The Shredder Auto Salvager has always been a consistent seller, especially with how many people are leveling alts.

Unlock Schematic: Shredder Autosalvage Unit from Sneed inside Deadmines Dungeon. This schematic allows you to craft the rare Shredder Turbocharger from Venture Co. Light Shredders found in Windshear Crag of Stonetalon Mountains.

It's not just a blueprint, it's an efficiency gateway — an item that makes it so much easier to get what you need. Even if you're level 35, if you're getting into engineering we recommend grabbing this schematic as soon as possible.


- Whirring Bronze Gizmo

Bronze Gizmos are used for both Auto Salvagers and Darkmoon Faire tickets. Therefore their demand is always high and supply low because of this demand.



Leatherworking: Skinning for Profit

If you're a skinner/Leatherworker combo like myself, then focusing on farming Medium and Heavy Leather is where the money's at. 

These materials aren't just valuable when it comes to crafting AutoSalvagers but also silk bags as well as leveling other professions accordingly.

Both types sell incredibly well on the Auction House.


- Farming Medium Leathers

Hello, WoW Classic adventurers! If you're looking to stock up on Medium Leather during the Season of Discovery, you're in the right place.

For Alliance players, the prime location is in Duskwood. Here, target the Nightbane Worgen. These creatures not only have a high chance of dropping Medium Leather when skinned, but they're also known for occasionally dropping valuable blue items.

Horde players, your destination is the Stonetalon Mountains. Focus on farming the wyverns in the marked area on your map. These wyverns are not only generous in dropping Medium Leather, but they also respawn quickly, making this spot a top choice for efficient farming.



- Farming Heavy Leathers

Now, let's talk about Heavy Leather. The current best farming spot, especially relevant in phase one of Season of Discovery, is in Ashenvale. Here, you'll find Wolves, Elks, and Worgen. While these mobs don't guarantee a 100% drop rate for Heavy Leather, they offer a decent chance. It's a solid spot, particularly when higher-level mobs for more effective farming aren't accessible yet.




Mining Routes for Maximum Yield

When you're mining, focus on a select few resources: Copper and Tin. These two are the most important in the game because they make Bronze. In Silverpine Forest, you'll find Tin everywhere — especially around Baron's Peril. Just go into the cave there and you'll see three Tin nodes and one Copper node. The nodes in this area also respawn quickly, which makes it even more valuable.

The only issue is that other players will want the material. If there are too many people in one spot, it won't be as profitable as you'd like.

For Copper, go to Mulgore. It's not very popular and it spawns fast. There's a cave on the left with five Copper nodes.



Finding other things while you mine

Mulgore does only have Copper to offer. In Silverpine Forest, however, you can find Wool (which is used for salvers), greens and grey items that sell for decent amounts of gold.


Combine skills for maximum profit

And finally, if you can combine leatherworking, skinning and mining then do so. Beasts in Needles drop Heavy Leather at a high rate. This allows players to get valuable byproducts like Sharp Claws (needed for Rage Potions) and Large Fangs (useful for future phases).


Final Thoughts and Upcoming Guides

I hope this guide serves you as well as it's served me. And don't worry, if you're in search of some more powerful farming strategies, I have you covered. Stay tuned for many upcoming guides throughout the Season of Discovery!

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