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WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Release Date, Professions and Gold Making Guides

Dear WoW Classic enthusiasts, your wait is over. Blizzard has officially announced the launch date for Season of Discovery Phase 2 as February 8th. With one month left in Phase 1, now is a great time to prepare for the forthcoming challenges.


WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Release Date, Professions and Gold Making Guides


WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Release Date

The long awaited WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2 will be launched on February 8th. Some rumors suggest that Phase 1 might have lasted longer than expected but no one can deny the excitement awaiting the beginning of Phase 2. This new chapter has been eagerly anticipated by players who are ready to explore the new and thrilling content that it promises. 


Maximizing Your Preparation for Phase 2

Phase 2 will revolutionize your gaming experience with new talents, abilities and dungeons. 

How? Here you go:

  • Character Readiness - Make sure that all your characters (mains plus alts) are geared up and leveled. Aim at being Level Twenty Five in order to be ready for the upcoming challenges.
  • Quest Stacking - Embrace quest stacking strategy. Pick up and complete quests but do not turn them in until phase two begins for quick experience gain.
  • Advanced Talent Preparations - For example, there will be some new talents unlocking so get ready with plans on how to build yours carefully irrespective of whether you want to be Leader of the Pack or Moonkin Form.
  • Proficiency in Dungeons - You should know the likes of Stockades, Scarlet Monastery or Razorfen Kraul (RFK). Choose ones that suit best your character's build and party composition.
  • PvP Opportunities - PvP must not be ignored at all. Actually there are Warsong Gulch marks and other PvP rewards that are converted into extra experience.
  • Efficient Leveling Strategies - Watch for possible leveling methods like WHID supplies. Although speculative, these might offer significant experience gains if they are buffed.


Professions - Your Path to Dominance in Phase 2

  • Maximizing Professions - In phase 2, professions will have a new cap at 225. I have alts at level twenty five, each specializing in different professions so I am good across the board.
  • Crafting Route Strategy - Plan this out. I have mapped a crafting route to reach max rank fast and begin making essential things beforehand. This means that you can start dominating the market early on in Phase 2.
  • Staying Ahead of the Curve - Most players concentrate on leveling first, forgetting about professions. As a result you will have high-demand items ready for auction house as soon as players hit level cap when you prioritize your professions.


Gold Making - The Key to Success in Phase 2

  • Accumulating Wealth - Entering Phase 2 with wow classic sod gold is extremely important. You will need a solid reserve because there might be several costs such as mounts at level forty and speculated dual specialization.
  • Profitable Farming - Take interest in now valuable items such as Oily Blackmouth and Stranglekelp. Besides, speculate on some elements that may have their value increased including Life Fruit or Large Fangs or Swift Thistle or Kingsblood.
  • Market Trends - These items are usually used for high demand recipes which guarantees constant profit. Watch market trends and accumulate stocks accordingly.


Strategic Questing and Final Tips

Thoroughly prepare your questing route ahead of time, especially if you don't want to be an instance farmer on every character. This way, you will have some advantage over others at the start by doing pre-quests and getting flight paths in advance.

Personalized Preparation: As said above, preparation is a personal thing. Do what works for you, whether it is being a hardcore player or a casual one. These include stocking up on snacks for a marathon session or making sure rested XP is saved for a planned strategy.



The second phase has some new content and possibilities which are promising. Look forward to new runes, talents and challenges. Classes might change - keep this in mind. Phase 2 offers much fun if properly prepared for. So long Azeroth!

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