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Season of Discovery Phase 2 Runes: Best Choice For Each Class | WoW Classic

If you have leveled up in Azeroth, then you know how important the right runes are for this World of Warcraft Season of Discovery Phase 2. We have gone through all WoW's expansions and chosen talents as well as abilities that would be transformed into powerful runes.



Season of Discovery Phase 2 Runes: Best Choice For Each Class | WoW Classic


Druid Runes

  • Eclipse: Solar and lunar spells will be more effective for balance druids after celestial alignment has been boosted.
  • Berserk: Ferals can become enraged with mangle transforming into an overpowering cleave.
  • Tree of Life: Resto-druids will increase healing powers like a growing oak.


Hunter Runes

  • Coordinated Assault: Hunters synchronize their attacks with their pets to deal a devastating blow followed by empowered abilities for a short time.
  • Lock and Load: It takes many players back to Wrath of The Lich King, when ranged attacks sometimes made Aimed Shot instant and free.
  • Aspect of the Beast: Such a buff is most welcome among beast mastery hunters as it increases damage done by pets and their healing capacities considerably.


Mage Runes

  • Arcane Barrage: Arcane mages can move while they fire off many missiles which hit instantly.
  • Summon Water Elemental: Frost mages gain a frosty companion who brings coldness into PvP battles.
  • Dragon's Breath: Fire mages now have ability to throw cone-shaped flames impairing enemies dramatically in pure glory.


Paladin Runes

  • Aura Mastery: Paladins can strengthen their auras for a few seconds to make them more potent on the battlefield.
  • Avenging Wrath: When using these iconic wings, Paladin's damage or healing output becomes more divine intervention-like.
  • Divine Steed: To quickly reach certain destinations during a battle, paladins are able to summon their steeds even while fighting in heat of battle.


Priest Runes

  • Mind Spike : A shadow priest may cause an immediate blast of shadow frost damage to help increase his/her DPS.
  • Rapture: Huge mana gains are experienced by discipline priests when their shields are either absorbed or dispelled.
  • Lightweaver Flash Heal: Priests will have a faster and more effective healing spell even though the spell has been nerfed recently.


Rogue Runes

  • Roll the Bones: An unpredictable if worthwhile gamble, adding chance into the strategy of rogues by increasing random combat improvements.
  • Fan of Knives: As this addresses AoE gaps, rogues can spread their deadly skills across multiple targets.
  • Shared Combo Points: This change improves rogue gameplay because players are able keep their combo points whenever they switch between different targets during combat.


Shaman Runes

  • Sundering: Elemental shamans can use earth magic to shatter the ground, dealing damage and stunning enemies too.
  • Summon Earth Elemental: Resto shamans may summon a robust elemental tank ally.
  • Totemic Recall: Shaman can make use of this ability as a tactical means for saving mana while effectively managing their totems.


Warlock Runes

  • Hand of Gul'dan: Warlocks can overwhelm the battlefield with demonic might by sending in meteoric swarms that unleash infernal wrath upon all who oppose them.
  • Havoc: Affliction warlocks cause curse-inflicted damage on enemies through splash damage from spells targeted on specific players.
  • Burning Rush: In situations where quick movement is required, warlocks give up some health for speed.


Warrior Runes

  • Bladestorm: Warriors spin through nearby foes in a whirlwind of steel causing them severe damages.
  • Gladiator Stance: PvP fans would love this stance since it increases warriors' damage output while still maintaining defensive abilities.
  • Shockwave: Tank Warriors could get an extra crowd control tool.


Balance is a key factor to keep in mind as we look forward to the release of these runes. The introduction of new abilities needs to improve gameplay instead of overshadowing those already existing. Additionally, they must fit into the class fantasies that have remained beloved since vanilla WoW.

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