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How to effectively plan Season of Discovery Phase 2?

Amidst the excitement that is building up towards the coming launch of the 2 phase of Season of Discovery on February 8th, there are some important things that need to be done in order to optimize your game play experience. The following extensive list seeks to help you get rid of any bottlenecks and dive straight into the action.


How to effectively plan Season of Discovery Phase 2?


Talent Respec and Planning

Before Phase 2 goes live think about respecing your talents so as to optimize for leveling rather than SoD gold farming or PvP. In order not to waste time during level progression plan your talent choices from levels 25 through 40.


Inventory Management

It's time to clean up your inventory. Move surplus materials and items over to a bank character or sell them at auction house so as to accumulate gold which will be useful in purchasing mounts, new items, enchants and consumables during Phase 2.


Stockpile Consumables

Healing potions as well as mana potions are among several types of buffs required by players when they go into battle. Also keep rage potions for warriors or thistle tea for rogues with you since it reduces downtime between battles. Do not forget about swim speed or swiftness potions through which would move around faster before getting their mount.


Flight Path Collection

Make sure you have all flight paths available since phase one. This allows one quick movement into new leveling zones without taking a long walk through them.


User Interface and Add-ons

Update Your UI & install any new add-ons which may enhance gameplay. This should result in various recommendations tailored specifically for season of discovery. We have compiled a list of top 20 essential addons, which will make your gaming experience even better. The addons range from leveling efficiency to UI customization.

  1. Range Display: This is important in keeping your skill and ability always within reach of the target.
  2. Skill Training Helper: This add-on can be used for planning ahead on abilities or skills and their associated costs while still in the spell book; this could save you time during leveling.
  3. Vendor Item Highlighter: It aids you know the locations where green items that are of value as well as consumables can be acquired without having much knowledge about where vendors are situated.
  4. Dark Mode UI: Don't like the user interface? Dark Mode makes it more sleek and easy on eye.
  5. Nice Damage Font: Refresh your eyes with a different damage font, but note that healing spells are not supported by this addon.
  6. Bagnon: Simple sorting out gear system with new loot lighting up when added and items categorized accordingly.
  7. Nova World Buffs: Essential for Tracking World Buffs, shows layer number and allows fast switching of layers if needed at all
  8. Extended Breath Bar: Enhance your underwater adventures with an increased breath bar size together with sound alerts when oxygen depletes
  9. Logout Skips Helper: Navigate logout skips that occur inside zones to cut down on travel distance; this addon provides details for how to do it as well as location markers
  10. Questie: Want to find quests quickly? Use Questie's hand-in, pick-up markers and also specific objectives questing style for faster leveling.
  11. Rune Tracker: Find out where you need to go to collect important Runes for any class; includes a leveling guide from some of the fastest speed levelers around!
  12. OmniCC & Big Debuffs: Enable you to keep track of all cooldowns and crowd control durations with a higher level of accuracy.
  13. Auctionator: To save you time while dealing with the auction house, it helps identify the lowest prices and make managing sales easier.
  14. Recount: Useful during dungeons or raids so that you can monitor your damage output and DPS to improve your combat performance.
  15. Deadly Boss Mods (DBM): This will help you quickly adjust to new raid mechanics by alerting you of upcoming crucial events in the raid instance which are important for survival or boss dps checks
  16. Leatrix Plus: From frame management for adjustments as well as UI scaling improvements such as automatic repairs and zooming enhance every single part of your UI
  17. AtlasLoot Enhanced: It comprises loots tables from dungeons, crafting recipes, raid bosses amongst other things which will be useful when planning out what gear progression is required.
  18. Spy PvP Enemy Detector: Even if they are not visible, this add-on allows you to detect enemy players around you within a certain radius which gives you an advantage when doing pvp.
  19. GatherMate2 & GatherMate2 Data: Maps show detailed locations of herbs, ores, treasures etc., so that resources gathering can be optimized better.
  20. Channel Content Resources: Follow our channel for more insights and tips about the Season of Discovery's additional content updates.


Quest Log and Supply Shipments

Fill up your quest log with 20 completed quests, focusing on elite & dungeon quests for maximum exp gain. Hold on to completed supply shipments to turn in during phase two for extra experience points.


Rune Collection

Get all the 12 runes that were available in phase one as some may become more valuable when combined with new ones provided in Phase 2. Locate each rune efficiently through guides or add-ons.


PvP Ranking

Reach rank three before Phase 2 for new rewards and gear acquisition will be rapid. Stock up on twenty WSG and AB marks, which can be exchanged for honor points as soon as the new season starts.


Leveling Zones and PvP Considerations

Choose leveling zones wisely, as an Alliance player start in less frequented by Horde players areas so as to minimize PvP encounters. Be ready for contested zones where faction battles are inevitable.


Leveling Guide Add-on

Use a leveling guide add-on that shows you the most efficient routes to level 40. It can give real-time directions on which quests and rune locations are relevant to your current area.


Profession Readiness

Advance your professions up to level 150 since there will be new crafts coming out in Phase 2. Collect materials needed for quick profession leveling after update.


Skill Improvement

Improve a rogue's poison skills or lock-picking abilities, or enhance weapon skills across all classes so that you are ready to fight with any newly acquired weapons.


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