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SoD Phase 2 Druid Guide: Should I main it again?

Season of Discovery has ushered in a new era for Druids, with Phase 2 presenting a plethora of changes that could redefine the class's role in both PvE and PvP settings. Over time, druids have always been an extremely strong class that can either heal, tank or DPS making them one of the most versatile classes? So should I main a druid again in phase 2?



SoD Phase 2 Druid Guide: Should I main it again?


New Abilities and Talents

Phase 2 brings an array of new abilities for Druids across all specializations. Starting from level twenty-six, Dash will be obtainable to increase mobility by large margin. Bear tanks can acquire Challenging Roar, which helps regain aggro at Level twenty-eight. A level thirty tranquility spell comes with healing powers useful in raid encounters.


Feral druids will find huge happiness in having 'Ferocious Bite' at level thirty-two as well as 'Ravage' at level forty which provides high damage output incrementally. Moreover, bear tanks get their hands on dire bear form when they hit lvl40 – this makes them tougher and harder to kill. Finally Innervate becomes available at level forty providing significant mana regeneration which is great news for any mana based party members.


For every specialization there are powerful abilities positioned near bottom end trees each talent tree respectively; Balance druids get access to Moonkin Form Feral gets Leader of the pack and Resto gets Swiftmend. But players may have to spend points in their secondary trees to reach these talents.



Runes and Gear

Runes are a new addition that can significantly augment your abilities. Dream State for Balance Druids and King of the Jungle for Ferals are just two examples of runes which would improve them in this way. Conversely, not all runes are equal, some may find Survival Instincts underwhelming.


As far as gear goes, the second phase has been amazing. For instance, the STV PVP event brings a weapon like Bloodb Crusher or Gnomeregan's Automatic Crowd Pummeler for feral druids. Their unique usage effects can increase damage output considerably though. Also crafted items such as the leatherworking helmet come with good stats and active abilities that benefit both dps and healers.




Figuring out how to gear your druid is heavily dependent on professions. The crafted headpieces, however, appeal greatly to both feral and restoration/balance druids from leatherworking by providing powerful cooldowns that can be used at strategic moments during fights.



Performance Expectations

Druids look set to excel in Phase 2 as we look ahead into it. But Feral Druids might face restrictions without certain talents or gear (like Wolf Head Helm), although new abilities such as Tiger's Fury and Berserk may make up for these lacunas encountered.


The new focus on improvements to critical strike damage will be advantageous to balance druids, as they have the potential for an increase in their damages. Moreover, restoration druids still remain reliable when healing and become even stronger with each additional sequence.




To sum it up, if you are thinking about maining a Druid in Phase 2 of WoW Season of Discovery, rest assured that this class remains a force to be reckoned with in all aspects. The game introduces numerous abilities; talents; glyphs and gear meant for specific specialization of the class which make them capable of overcoming future obstacles.


Phase 2 has something to look forward to whether you enjoy the flexibility involved in changing roles or your strengths lie within one area of the Druid's repertoire. The class remains unique and engaging at all times. Yes fam, unleash your inner shape-shifter and journey through this season as a Druid into the Season of Discovery.

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