Genshin Impact Leak shows new characters Sayu and Yoimiya in Lightning

Update 1.7 should be launched on Genshin Impact in July. He will bring three new characters from the New Lightning region. Although many Genshin fans are still busy updating 1.6, the next update, 1.7, is already on the horizon. I believe this will revolve around the journey to the new lightning area. After all, 1.7 new characters came through prayer, and all of them came from Lightning. These new characters Sayu and Yoimiya, have now appeared on the famous Leaker Dimbreath on Twitter. They showed some of their animations and constellations. We also list for you what the characters can do and what talents they have.

New Cape Sayu

Rarity: 4 stars

Element: Anemo

Weapon: Both hands

Sayu can do this:

Through her regular attacks, Sayu can make up to 4 strikes with her sword. When you attack, she will swing the sword and consume stamina. She fell to the ground in her jumping attack and caused area damage to all enemies within her range.

Sayu’s E ability turns it into a Fufu Windwheel that can hit the enemy at high speed. In the process, he will cause Anemo damage. If you keep holding down the button, Sayu can scroll freely in that state. In addition, you can control the direction of travel.

If Sayu comes into contact with Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, or Electro elements in this form, it will cause additional elemental damage accordingly. The maximum duration of this skill is 10 seconds, but it can be ended early by using the Terminator Rune Mansion Tornado Kick.

Sayu’s ultimate skill is Yoohoo Art: Mujina Madness. With this, she will summon a Muji who will clean up the battlefield for me. After that, Bodhidharma attacks the enemy directly. If the health of the surrounding characters is less than 70%, the surrounding characters can be healed.

Your passive talents also include:

Yoohoo Art: Silencer’s Secret-If Sayo is in your team, some animals and creatures will not be frightened by your footsteps. In the archive, you can see which creatures are affected.

Find others-When Xiao Ye creates a whirlpool. She will restore 300 health points for all characters in the team. In addition, for every moment she gains in elemental mastery, she will restore another 1.2 points of health. This effect can be triggered every 2 seconds.

I don’t want to work with you’s Muji-Muji-Dharma has the following effects: The range attack becomes larger. When a character is healed, nearby surfaces will also be healed for 20% of their health.

New corner Yoimiya

Rarity: 5 stars

Element: Pyro

Weapon: Bow

Yoimiya can do this:

Yoimiya’s normal attack can perform up to 5 arrow shots. After being charged, a burning arrow will be fired, causing fire damage. When the charging time is extended, up to three-pointers can automatically search for nearby enemies. Jumping attacks will cause arrow rain.

Teika Fire Dance is Yoimiya’s e-skill. A circle of saltpeter appeared around them. It converts all their standard attacks into Pyro damage and increases their damage. This effect lasts up to 10 seconds, has a cooldown of 18 seconds, and expires immediately after Yugiya leaves the battlefield.

The ultimate Ryukin Saxifrage skill makes Yoimiya jump in the air and shoots a rain of arrows at the enemy. An enemy hit by it gains the Ryukin Lohe effect. In addition, if the opponent is hit by a normal attack, heavy hit, jump attack, elemental attack, or special ability of all members, an explosion will be triggered, causing fire damage.

If the opponent is defeated during the duration of the effect, Ryuki Lohe’s product is transferred to another opponent. The effect lasts up to 10 seconds, and an explosion is triggered every 2 seconds.

In addition, here are Yoimiya’s passive talents:

Seditious voting: You have a 100% chance to get back some of the materials you need when you make decorations and landscape decorations.

Troublemaker-When Tikka Fire Dance is active, Yoimiya’s fire damage will increase by 2% for every standard attack. The effect lasts for 3 seconds and can be stacked ten times.

Summer heat-Party members’ attack power increases by 10% within 15 seconds. For each additional layer of troublemakers, an extra 1% will be added to the top.

Do you like the skills of Yoimiya and Sayu? Are they exciting characters you want to have, or are you more willing to wait and see what 1.7 and its subsequent patches will bring? Tell us in the comments.

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