Hideo Kojima expressed concern that the consumer in the future will not own the product they own – – media area

The entire media area is always on TV and movies to video games, cartoons, music and books is moving towards the time of monthly fees. In other words, it’s a traditional way to buy a single physical game or book begins to be the past world.

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For the consumer, this makes it easier to use, but at the same time the consumer also no longer owns any other than the temporary access to that product. In Twitter, its concerns about such developments have now expressed Metal Gear’s father hideo Kojima.

_ “Eventually, Even Digital Data Will No Longer Be Owned by Individuals on their Own Initiative. WHENEVER THERE IS A MAJOR CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE OR ACCIDE IN THE WORLD, IN A COUNTRY, IN A GOVERNMENT, IN AN IDEA, IN A TREND, ACCESS TO IT May Suddenly Be Cut Off. We Will Not Be Able To Freelly Access The Movies, Books, And Music That We Have Loved. I would be a Have-not. That’s What I’m Afraid of. This Is Not Greed. “_

Is it the most concerned about the subject matter? Commented below.

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