The Squadron 42 campaign of Star Citizen will need two more years of development

Star Citizen , the ambitious video game of simulation and spatial life of Cloud Imperial Games for PC that takes years of development (with more than 400 million dollars collected) and that is at this time in alpha version, you will need, at lecampaign modet two more years to be able to offer the anxious Squadron 42 , the story mode that many are waiting for. Thus, they have shared their managers, ensuring that the campaign will be finished when it is finished.


Star Citizen campaign mode needs time

This is collected by the CALTECH media after the insistence of fans to know more about Squadron 42, the promising STAR Citizen campaign mode that is being caught more than expected. And is that after completing the movement of the seat of the study and with the aim of expanding the workforce to the 1,000 workers, Carl Jones, Director of Operations of Cloud Imperial Games, hcampaign mode shared the state of development of the story of Its ambitious video game spatial simulation.

It could be one or two more years, says Jones campaign mode soon campaign mode he will take Squadron 42 to see the light. Is happening more time with the Squadron 42 team and our other developers, and it will be this year when it moved here for longer periods of time, explains the manager in reference to the head of the study, Chris Roberts , who works very closely with the team responsible for the campaign.

That means we can move forward with Squadron 42 to complete it fcampaign modeter. We want to finish that game, but it will be finished when it is finished, concludes Jones. All in all, Star Citizen players have a new launch window on the horizon to receive history mode. Recently, Star Citizen could be played for free for limited time.

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