The Need For Speed Saga aims at a return at the end of the year: with its star studio in front

If you miss the persecutions, the tuning and the speed of Need for Speed ​​, you could say that we have good news, as it seems that EA is planning a sequel to the mythical driving saga for this same year; As with a continuation for Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order .

For a few months we have known the changes that the saga has had in recent years, since after four deliveries developed by Ghost Games , the brand has returned to Criterion Games , who will work at the signature during His best moments besides the Burnout Burnout.


According to the Insider Tom Henderson, expert in filtering information from the Battlefield and EA saga in general, aiming that the game would be planned for the last quarter of the year ; So your ad could occur during the next few months, before summer.

If everything goes as it is due and after That shone, after several years with very distant sales and repercussions of those achieved something more than a decade ago.

Now, only remains to wait for the official of this content but, if confirmed, EA would come with the batteries well loaded this year that has just begun, after a somewhat error shot with Battlefield 2042.

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