Online Multiply Survival Quiz ACT “Survival Quiz City” March 4 release decision! Recruitment of play test participants

Developer Phoenix announces the release date of the quiz action Survival Quiz City released from BANZAI Contagion March 4, and the first of the official information program SQC Information Bureau of this work Was released.

This game is a three-person viewpoint expansion, a quiz and an on-line multiplayer work fighting with a quiz and action.


Action stage of hell with incorrectness to quiz

The player manipulates the big character Gar you, and the quiz challenge first as one of the many participants. The fraudulent is going to the action stage of hell, and aims to go to the next stage progression by reaching the goal within the time limit. On the other hand, the correct answer will block clear using various weapons to reduce the action stage to get off. This is repeated in multiple rounds and aims to be the last 1. In addition, prize earning rules are also available to win the championship with the number of coin possessions at the final round.

Last Play Test Participant Recruitment

Prior to the release date announced on March 4, it was also announced that the last play test was implemented from February 12th.

In this test, in addition to the adjustment of the motivation improvement of the lose set that became an incorrect to the quiz, the addition of weapons, items, stages and gimmicks, etc., new functions original quiz that can be created and shared quizzes It is said that it can be played with almost the same build as the product version.

Application for participation is possible from the request for access on the STEAM store page. If you have play test experience, you can continue to join.

We also open the official Discord server for players’ interaction.

Steam Play test The Final Execution Period

Japan Time February 12 (Sat) 13 o’clock-2/13 (Sun) 23 o’clock

The first title Survival Quiz City of BANZAI NAM Costansó GAAR Studio will be released on March 4 by Steam for PC.

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