Red Dead Online: Horse Girl

In the Wild West, it’s always hard to deal? Not necessarily! Red Dead Online is currently taken over by the most peaceful gear of all time: horse maid. With unspeakably many members, they tear the reins of the online game inherent in turning all over.

What drives the horse gang in Red Dead online?

MY FIRST ONLINE HORSE RACE | Red Dead Redemption 2 Online

Red Dead Online is dominated by a great corridor consisting of horse enthusiasts. Over 1,600 pendants and trailers already has the group called The Rift Trails. This promises to offer a secure place for horse lovers and other interested parties in a specially evolved version of Red Dead Online.

PC Gamer has spoken with a member who spoke Horse Photographer Chelsea Farace, . In the interview she tells her from her first trip with a group of 13 other players and players.

Several Ingame days and nights, they yelled over half the map and talked completely about the game and riding. The experience had conjured her for the first time long a smile again.

And that was just the beginner ride. Over time, she also participated in topic excursions. To the Witcher day all her game characters had to dress, for example , such as Geralt. And to scary rides, participating horror stories and true crime reports account. (Source: PC Gamer)

They’re getting more and more

The small discord server was opened at the beginning of the pandemic, early 2020. For horse-friends around the world had to look into the face at the time of the fact that they can not go riding ** for a while. So an alternative had to come from.

Although sufferers were appointed in Read Dead to go on a manner in Read Dead to go riding – but mostly on console and only in the small circle. The Rift Trails had created an alternative for PC, which is proud ** 1,690 members within two years. Meanwhile, at least one ride takes place daily.

_Na, have your interest in a relaxed ride? Then you need the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2: _

Why counted in RD2?

What makes RD2 the best horse game? Quite simply: Horses are hardly indispensable from Red Dead Redemption. They serve players and players mainly as faithful mounts that they quickly bring from A to B.

But they still bring a more component into the game: interaction and the possibility to build a relationship with the virtual animals – such a moderator of the group. The realistic representation of the horses as well as the adaptation possibilities of the saddle and other equipment offer the perfect foundation for The Rift Trails.

_ Also worth the normal online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2, by the way, you will learn here: _

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