Different World Soviet VR Horror Survival “Return to Kurgansk” Release-Done of the end of the end of danger and monster

Publisher Gaijin Entertainment and Developer Yadon Studio released VR dedicated horror Survival ADV “Return to Kurgansk” at STeam.

This work makes a craft element also implemented a fictional Soviet Union with the end of the world. VR horror survival stage. The islands and surrounding areas called “Kurgansk” are widespread, and the main character is incorrectly lost to the crazy world full of evil monsters and anomalies. Because the player survives, we will retract the cause of the plague and aim for escape from the island of fear.

A mysterious monster looks out and explored a large map such as a joint cemetery, which has many monster phenomena, and reveals the mystery of the hidden underground mill where he came to the ruined military base.

Return to Kurgansk VR launch trailer
This work is also implemented with craft elements, and it seems that various tools, weapons and equipment can be created using resources and items in the island.

“Return to Kurgansk”, which can experience fear unique to VR that can interfere with three-dimensional sound and all objects, and VR with VR, such as a sense of battle, Corresponds to Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest, and is currently in STeam It is on sale.

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