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The Falconeer - The Roleplay Airborne Ocean World arrives on Xbox One and PC in 2020

Fantastic Falconeer Roleplay, Airborne Ocean-World, beats full on PC and Xbox One in 2020. Developed and designed by Tomas Sala, Wired Productions presents the first demo of this Indie developed at X019: a world celebration of all things Xbox. At first glance, the game will offer an innovative and interesting approach to air combat mechanisms that you only see very rarely on Xbox or on a PC, but let the demo trailer speak... or fly.

It will be interesting to see how independent individual production addressed this problem, which seems to be a merger of conventional air fights with torsion and turning mechanisms and acrobatics, all to the third person. Choosing to use these types of game mechanics in an open world environment, with the land, the sea and the air when the playground significantly increases the expectation of this title.


Falconeer's demo will be debuting X019, which starts tomorrow from November 14 to November 16. We hope to get the game sequences and comments there.

As far as we know, the story takes place above The Great Ursee, a mystical world of inflated oceans and corruption. The player comes like one of the Falconeers and fights like an agile warrior with powerful remote weapons and agile flight maneuvers. The player obviously rises on a giant hawk and the developer promises a unique experience to each user, the world offering a free exploration and the possibility of tracing his own path.

This mysterious world opens its haunted places and bellicism with rival factions, which makes the interpretation of unfathomable players, but the unfathomable depths of Ursee hide much larger secrets than insignificant conflicts, because nature seems to be returned back. According to Leo Zullo de Wired Productions:

"We are delighted that fans discover The Falconeer, a real jewel that will open the way to that independent developers can offer in the field of games. From the beginning, we are delighted by this breathtaking aerial combat RPG and we are proud to be able to collaborate with Tomas, whose passion and talents are found in this beautiful and fascinating game. "

The air combat fans and all the others will have to wait 2020 for the release date of The Falconeer, but as mentioned, the visitors of X019 will have the chance to take a look at the demo. Wired Productions promises to update ourselves immediately as soon as there will be more news of the game and that the exit is not far, because this interesting concept has generated great interest in the community. Associate a kind of role play with aerial fights in an oceanic world of fantastic creatures and wars seems rather attractive, we are looking forward to seeing its unfolding.

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