Black Desert: Extension of eternal winter and class Drakania from today playable

With a press release, the responsible persons at Pearl Abyss accompany today (06 April 2022) release of the extension of eternal winter for Black Desert. The list of innovations we know thanks to our play-trip to the mountain of Eternal Winter already. But the developer and publisher also have a surprise for us players in the luggage.

That awaits you in Black Desert: eternal winter

The new adventure leads you to the Mountain of Eternal Winter, where you can do it on the side of new companions with the Witch Illezra. He wants to overcome the old protection rites to unleash an antique power. So it’s up to you to mobilize the local people of the Elkengen and create you with the henchmen of the witch.

Particularly exciting is the content package, because not only three new endgame areas expect, but for the first time the opportunity to go as a beginner with the fresh challenges. There is a start zone that lies at the foot of the Eternal Winter mountain. In the character creation, of course, the new class of the Drakania is for the election, which attracts with the chic twinner Slayer in the war.

In addition, fans of the Shai class can look forward to the new Alpaca riding, there is a new means of transportation with the snowboard and the activity of ice fishing, where you need to master a new mini-game. By the way: The addon is free for all owners of the main game, and the basic access will normally already get you for just about numbers. Only if you are sharply on all bonuses of the edition of the eternal winter , you have to invest around the 80 euros. Do not confuse themselves on steam from formulations such as “black desert – expansion eternal winter”. Incidentally, the edition costs 79.89 euros.

New Area Mountain of Eternal Winter, New Class

Edition of the traveler for all players for free

In fact, interested newcomers need to take no money in the hand until April 13th but to be able to try Black Desert and the new expansion. According to the press release, the edition of the traveler to celebrate the launch of eternal winter until the day is free – and the main game (and the expansion of course also) is part of this edition.

If you are still using one of the season servers to levels your character, wave abundantly Ingame rewards and buffs that allow you to close in the shortest possible time to the other players. More information about expansion of eternal winter can be found on the official website of Black Desert.

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