[Todays steam] Delivery replacement material? Hardcore FPS Helet Rouge topic

Hardcore FPS ‘Helle LET LOOSE’ gathered in one battlefield has been named to the top of the world’s global sales volume. 7 days 9:30, the steam of Hellet Rouge, the top selling chart ranks worldwide 7th. One staircase has risen since the last six days of entering the 10th volume.

Hellet Rouge is a FPS game that is the World War IIR on July last year. Up to 100 people have a large-scale PVP to share the team by dividing them by 50 people. The game sex is very hard core, it is famous for being a hardcore, but the character dies the character, unlike other FPS games that die a few feet. Even a teamkill is possible to learn how to progress the game through a field guide that boasts a tremendous amount of accidents frequently, without tutorials. It is a bonus that needs to shoot directly on the opposite case.

Hellet Rouge’s box office can analyze that multiple factors are overlapped. Once the battlefield 2042 of the battlefield series, which can be called a large-scale PVP’s mediator, the Hellet Rouge came to its replacement while receiving a bad Battlefield series. It is assumed that the ranking of recent will be added to the recent discount event. Hellet Rouge is currently using 37% discount on DLC, 37% discount on DLC.

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In addition, Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga is holding the first place, with Horizon Zero, Days Gon, and Metrona Bundle, and Metrona bundle is three days later, 3 days later, 3, 4, and 5th.

At the top simultaneous connection rankings in the steam, the ranking of Lego Star Wars: The ranking of Skywalker Saga was ranked 14th. In addition, Team Fortress 2 also fell asleep with 20,000 concurrent users, and fell to two stairs compared to the previous day.

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