RB Leipzig | Europa League a load? Klostermann talks plain text

Before the quarterfinals in the Europa League against Atalanta Bergamo Lukas Klostermann feels a great motivation at RB Leipzig.

“With us, every buck on the Europa League, especially since in the K.O phase, almost only teams are at which one could meet in the Champions League,” said the defender of the “Kicker”. “I’m not feeling that someone feels the competition as a burden. Rather, it is a horny way to win a title.”

At the same time, the 25-year-old warned against the quality of the Italians. Atalanta is an association that, similar to us in recent years, has made the next steps. Bergamo is now playing internationally and has already shown very good performance in the Champions League, “Hob Klostermann emphasized.

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In order to preview, one would have to “act as in recent weeks: to defend aggressive and compact, find good solutions with the ball and, above all, show a high ball security,” said the national player.

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