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Village World Cup: Vaas cries, Bowser marches-the round of 16

32 of the 48 bad guys had to say goodbye to our villain World Cup after the preliminary round, in the round of 16, which has now ended, another 16 fieslings were eliminated. And as in the group phase, you voted again diligently, again a big thank you.

The following 8 candidates have collected most votes and **** are now moving into the quarter-finals of the villain World Cup:

Bowser * (Mario) Handsome Jack (Borderlands) Pyramid Head (Silent Hill) Lady Dimitrescu * (Resident Evil 8) Joker (Batman: Arkham) Ganondorf (Zelda) Baldur * (God of War) The wild hunt * (Witcher)

The quarter-final duels are certain

Based on the tournament tree, the following quarter-final fights now come about:

Quarter -finals 1: * Bowser vs. Lady Dimitrescu Quarter -finals 2: Handsome Jack vs. Pyramid Head quarterfinals 3: Joker vs. Baldur * quarterfinals 4: ** Ganondorf vs. the wild hunt

When does the quarter -finals take place? The voting phase runs from 14. May, 9 a.m. to May 15, 11:59 p.m. , you can and should vote during this period!

the results of the individual round of 16 in the overview

round of 16

  1. Bowser (Super Mario) - 87%, 2436 votes
  2. M. bison (Street Fighter) - 13%, 370 votes

An unequal duel: The toad king hammered the Street Fighter-Recken with over 2000 (!) Voices so much in the dust that we were almost sorry for it. While M. Bison has to go home with wound, Bowser goes to the quarter -finals as one of the very big favorites.

round of 16

  1. Handsome Jack (Borderlands) - 52%, 1352 votes
  2. Glados (portal) - 48%, 1224 votes

The decision in the second round of 16 was significantly scarce, in which it was a long time between Glados and Handsome Jack for a long time. But even though Glados promised her opponent on the home straight a cake several times if he had it passed by, the Borderlands fiesling narrowly won.

round of 16

  1. Lady DimitRescu (Resident Evil 8) - 55%, 1461 votes
  2. The Boss (Metal Gear Solid ) - 45%, 1211 votes

The last two remaining women met in the third round of 16 and fought an exciting exchange of blows, in which it was not clear at the beginning how it would go out. In the end, the Resident Evil-Lady used its vampire skills to make the Boss decisively pulling away and now meets Bowser.

round of 16

  1. Pyramid Head (Silent Hill) - 59%, 1530 votes
  2. Andrew Ryan (Bioshock) - 41%, 1055 votes

Even if the result of this duel looks quite scarce, the fiesling gave his bioshock-encouragement from Rapture with the striking skull. Ryan kept trying to get his opponents, but ultimately the Pyramid Head took first place from the start to the end of the voting phase.

round of 16

  1. Joker (Batman: Arkham) - 79%, 2136 votes

World Peace Achieved! (FINALE) Back To Front Mod, Germany #4 2. David (The Last of Us) - 21%, 567 votes

Already in the preliminary round, the Joker had brought in a very good result and also confirmed this directly in the round of 16, in which he did not give an opposite of David from The Last of Us a chance. The grin view impressively underpins its ambitions as one of the favorites of the villain World Cup.

round of 16

  1. Ganondorf (Zelda) - 55%, 1479 votes
  2. Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry) - 45%, 1220 votes

In the group phase, Ganondorf was still able to prevail without problems, with Vaas Montenegro the witch champion had significantly more difficulties and had to be insulted by his adversary, among other things, throughout the duel. In the end, however, Ganondorf collected more than 250 votes and sends Vaas back to his island.

round of 16 7

  1. Baldur (God of War) - 54 %, 1430 votes
  2. Team Rocket (Pokémon) - 46%, 1241 votes

A lot could be expected from Baldur, after all, he not only created first place with Kratos, but also took first place in the preliminary round in "Death Group" 7. And even in the round of 16 against the well -placed Team Rocket, Baldur was able to prevail in the end, but still confidently. He now has to prove good nerves in the quarterfinals against co -favorite Joker.

round of 16 8

  1. The wild hunt (Witcher) - 59%, 1590 votes
  2. Micah Bell (Red Dead Redemption) - 41%, 1088 votes

Micah Bell, one of the antagonists from Red Dead Redemption 2, is a real nasty guy who did not have a place in our World Cup for nothing and who also had many advocates in the comments. But against the undead riders of the wild hunt, Micah ultimately had no chance and has to delete the sail after the round of 16, while the wild hunt is now dealing with witch champion Ganondorf.

even more articles on the villain World Cup

For reading: The results of the group phase * Report: The psychology of evil Why we need villain in video games *

This continues after the quarter -finals/ tournament tree

The villain World Cup slowly but surely turns on the home straight. Two ko phases are followed until it goes to the grand finale between May 20 and 22.

semi -finals (voting period 17th - 18th)

  • Semi -finals 1: winner VF 1 against winner HF 3
  • Semi -finals 2: winner VF 2 against winner VF 4

Finale (voting period 20th - 22nd)

  • Winner HF 1 against winner HF 2

After that, it is clear which fiesling the crown is allowed to put on and call villain world champion. We are looking forward to the upcoming results and wish you a lot of fun voting and discussing!

Who believes you win? Do the favorites still have an easy game?

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