Voss-Tecklenburg looks back on the training school

On Wednesday, the players travel home once more to kick back and also on Sunday the DFB-Tross flies from Frankfurt to London, where the very first group video game against Denmark happens on July 8th.


Martina Voss-Tecklenburg commented on:

The initial European Champion challenger Denmark : We recognize precisely just how they play. We have already prepared our players for it and also understand the Danish principals.

striker Lea Schüller : Lea did a very great performance versus Switzerland as well as applied exactly what we wanted to see from her. We can additionally play the game with two facility ahead.

The training school : Our assumptions have been gone beyond. This does not just influence the problems we had in Herzogenaurach. We have players with different wellness needs. We recognized ahead of time. Likewise have a little time up until the first game against Denmark. Everything was fine.

The quality of the players : I have no fears that we can not have the essential power for the very first video game to go full steam. It is quite regular for a player to do a device.

The training camp : Our assumptions have been surpassed. We have players with various health needs…. striker Lea Schüller : Lea did an extremely great performance against Switzerland and carried out precisely what we wanted to see from her…. Personal anxiety prior to the competition beginning : I’m not yet nervous.

Personal anxiety before the tournament beginning : I’m not yet worried. But I understand that the uneasiness will come at some factor. Maybe I would be much more unessive if I hadn’t seen so several good things. It doesn’t aid me either when I’m stressful and also stressful.

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