Hatsune Mixkin also appeared! Fall GUYS New season Satellite Scramble Announcement -Of course new stages and obstacles

Developer Diatonic has announced the new season Satellite Scramble of the party patrols Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout .

The new season is the theme of the universe, and the guys hungry for adventures will leave their stars and head to the galaxy, and encounter many new challenges and costumes prepared in new frontier. The new stages announced at the official announcement are as follows.

New orbit, new round

Hiya hiya Road Final : Up to four squads proceed with a sneaking foot toward victory. This needs to be quite cautious. Even if you make a mistake in the place, you will fall into space. The team that first arrived at the crown in the center of the arena won the victory.

Pixel master : Jumping on the tile and emerging accurate patterns. To succeed here, you need something more than the basic horoscope knowledge!

Cosmic Highway : Players will jump over a number of movable platforms. If you fail even a few centimeters, you will be thrown out into the void.

Hyper Drive Hero : This is a long-awaited sequel, and you need to reach the goal without falling from the hoverboard. The hoverboard moves like a circle. We try to keep feeling thrilling.

Stop Aiken Space : This is an annual stage where you have to proceed without failing the floating platform, but in the middle of the universe, it is not as easy to say in your mouth.

Macrame Character : It’s like a free for all version of the 1-on-one Button Bushes. Press the button and get points! When you actually try it, it’s not so easy, right?

A new gimmick will be added as a gimmick, a hover platform, and a trolley bot.

In addition, the rewards of the season pass are also published, and in addition to the number of new costumes on the universe, there are collaboration skins such as Star Trek, Mesomorph from Alien, and Hatsune Miku. 。

In addition to new events, stages, obstacles, many improvements, bug corrections, and new features have been added, and details can be found in the release notes released soon.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout The new season Satellite Scramble will be available on PC (Epic Games Store)/PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch on September 15. Although it is not possible to purchase a new steam, players who have this work on the platform can still play.

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