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How to Earn New World Coins Quickly by Daily Activity?

Coins are digital Currency used to purchase items in the New World. They can be earned by completing quests, trading with other players, participating in events, and buying them from the game's shop. Players can also earn coins by participating in tournaments and completing daily tasks. New World Coins can be used to purchase items, such as weapons, armor, and pets, from the game's shop. They can also be used to upgrade existing items and to purchase services from other players. This article, covers the things one should do daily to get the most New World rewards in the shortest amount of time. These include doing daily crafting cooldowns, storing materials in one settlement with all tier 5 benches, and equipping a crafting gear set for an extra chance of crafting. Doing this will also give the player emerald gypsum, Coins, XP, and abs due crits.



How to Earn New World Coins Quickly by Daily Activity?


Crafting Daily 

Crafting is the most important daily activity for making money in-game. It is also recommended for others to do the same. Additionally, it is recommended to spend a few minutes each day on the trading post to place buy and sell orders. This can result in a large profit as well as having materials necessary for crafting the next day.

Ingots and liners are two of my favorite materials to make profits from on a training post. By placing buy orders and selling them straight away, I can make quick profits through the gap between buy and sell prices. Satin is also an excellent material to make money from. To check the state of the economy, I observe the prices of materials to determine which ones to buy and sell. Lastly, to complete my daily tasks, I do the two options I'm about to provide you with, which may attract criticism.


Completing daily faction missions and combining

This method of completing daily faction missions and combining it with a mutated expedition is an efficient way to get rewards and passive income. Doing the faction missions gives bonus rewards and enough faction tokens to buy two gypsum orbs from a vendor daily. The quickest expeditions are Genesis, Lazarus, and Dynasty, but Depths and Tempest are too long. With this method, you can complete 6,000 unroll shards, and get M10 loot rewards and five gypsum orbs in under 30 minutes. You also get one sapphire gypsum for completing the expedition, one emerald for the cooldowns, one diamond gypsum from the coin purses, and two from the faction vendor. Events can also give diamond gypsum orbs, but the way to get them often changes. This method is not always guaranteed to find a group and getting Coins with a team isn't guaranteed either.


Alternative to the daily expedition routine

If you're looking for an alternative to the daily expedition routine, the Sky Song Crypt in Edmondscale Reach is a great option. You can farm the three mini-bosses here to get your obsidian gypsum and also kill the ads while you wait for them to respawn. This will take 7-8 minutes solo, and even faster with a team. You should stop once you have obtained the maximum daily limit of 10 topaz chips and 10 obsidian gypsum. This is a great way to be efficient and get the rewards in a shorter amount of time than the expedition.



This Article covers two methods of completing dailies in an MMORPG game. The first method involves 30 minutes of gameplay and gives a lot of rewards. The second method gives similar rewards, but more gypsum and is a good solo option. It involves doing free arenas, PVE arenas, PVP missions, and Shattered Mountain PVP quests. It is possible to mix and match between the two methods depending on preferences. Crafting rewards are also available but require Coins or time to farm.

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